Apr 2012|Vol 9|Iss 4

A case of Hemangioma


Dr.Muhammed Rafeeque is a young dynamic practitioner practices at Ernakulam.He had authored “Be a Master of Materia Medica” and “Rapid prescribing, Drug Addiction and Its Side effects”. He had presented articles in scientific Journals and interactions in web forums. He can be contacted at Family Homeopathic clinic,N.S.Building, Near Shafaz,North Paravur,Kerala.EML: contact@familyhomoeopathy.com.


         A male aged 15 years presented with swelling on the right temporal region since six months.

H/o present complaints

     The swelling appeared before six months, which started like a small nodule, and later its size increased gradually. The swelling often hurts, especially while combing hair. Due to utmost care, so far there was no bleeding.

     The swelling is soft and cherry red in color. It is almost 8 mm in diameter. It is reducible on pressing, and regains its size when the pressure is released. It is slightly tender, especially when moving sideways.

Past history

• When he was five years old had febrile convulsions
• He wetted his bed up to the age six
• He had a fracture of great toe while playing football.

Family history

     Father had renal stones, now undergoing homeopathic treatment for prostatic enlargement. Mother is having allergic complaints.

Physical generals

• Appetite – Normal
• Thirst – Normal
• Bowels – Regular
• Desires – Fried items and non-veg.

Mental Generals

    He is very much tensed about the swelling since its size is increasing.

Life space investigation

    He belongs to a middleclass Muslim family. His father is a clerk, and mother is a schoolteacher. He has one younger brother and a sister. Now he is doing +2 course, and his main ambition is to be an engineer and support his family.

Evaluation of the case

    There were no other clear symptoms to prescribe. Since this is a one sided disease as mentioned by Hahnemann, I selected a remedy on the local indications without going for repertorization.

Disease diagnosis Strawberry Hemangioma

Remedial diagnosis Calcarea fluorica

First prescription          6/9/2011

• Calcarea fluorica 30 C, 3 doses were given and asked to take one dose weekly.
• Placebo was also given.

Follow-up 1                    5/10/11

       Marked improvement in the swelling.

Follow-up 2                   18/12/11

       The swelling is almost gone.
       Only a slight discoloration remains at the sight.

       Again placebo was given since the case is improving day by day.

Follow-up 3                    10/ 1/ 12

       The lesion disappeared.


       William Boericke says about Calcarea fluorica in his Materia medica: “Head- blood-tumors of newborn infants. Circulatory organs - chief remedy for vascular tumors with dilated blood vessels”. I also had good results with calc flour in various types of benign tumors, but in 3x and 6x potencies, not higher potencies. So I decided to try with potency higher than 6x, hence, Calcarea fluorica in centesimal potency was selected.

       Complaints first, followed by the consideration of the whole individual for the selection of a constitutional drug later. Directly starting the treatment with the constitutional drug has made many patients to leave my treatment since the presenting complaints were not improved immediately.