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Apr 2013|Vol 10|Iss 4


Web Peep


      This month let us surf the site of German Homoeopathic Congress 2013. The congress on Homeopathy - Classic in the 21 Century is the 163rd annual meeting of the German Association of Homeopathic doctors at the cultural city of Weimar from 9th to 11 May 2013. The congress takes on this annual meeting of the roots of homeopathy in the focus and relevance of the method for the 21st Century represent, what impetus is coming from the medicine of our time, which we have answers as homeopathic doctors from modern diagnostic treatment options can be derived? How do we use the classical homeopathy as a modern form of therapy for today? Where and how do we see the "genius of the drug"? etc. The objectives are the selected topics lead to lively discussions, produce much concrete for daily practice, enabling look back at our experience and not least new vistas into the 21st Century opened. It also organizes an exhibition which offers a variety of scientific and informational exchange in a comfortable, open atmosphere. Surf the site for more information.

- Dr. D.Manju B.H.M.S