Apr 2013|Vol 10|Iss 4

A case of Varicose ulcer


Dr.E.Prasanna Babu, BHMS
Venkateshwara Homoeo Clinic
No.18 A/ 1 Pattala Street, Toll gate
Chinna Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu - 631501


        A forty five years aged male came with varicose ulcer on right leg since five years. He had severe pain with offensive discharge and itching. The patient was not able to walk without support due to pain and oozing. The complaints were more during summer. The patient had allopathic treatment for many years but not improved well.

Past history

      Known Hypertensive since 6 yrs under medicine.

Family history

    Father known hypertensive patient.
    Brother having varicose vein on both leg.

Physical Generals

• Complexion – dark.

• Appetite - Good

• Thirst – Increased

• Stool - Regular

• Urine - Regular

• Sweat – hot sweat on both hands

• Sleep –sleepless < pain & itching

• Desires – cold food+, sour food

• Thermal- Can't tolerate summer season

General physical examination

      BP:170/120 mm/Hg, Pulse:82, Wt:63 kgs, Ht:176cm

Mental generals

o Patient talkative nature
o Patient restless & doing things in hurried manner Trembling of both hand . Forgetfulness wants to be alone.

Local Examination

Ulcer on right leg, with offensive discharge. Watery oozing with itching mainly at night.

Analysis of Symptoms

• Varicose ulcer with oozing
• Offensive discharge
• < aggravates in summer season
• > better by applying cold water
• Family H/O hypertensive, varicose vein
• Talkative nature and restless
• Sweat : hot perspiration on both hand
• Desires : cold food & sour food
• Dark complexion , lean
• Sleep –sleepless < pain & itching

Diagnosis of Disease

      Varicose ulcer

Diagnosis of Miasm


First Prescription                        27/05/11

      Pyrogenium 200 tds

      Lachesis 30 bd for 14days

      Calendula Q external wash


      Lachesis was prescribed based on constitution and symptom similarity. Calendula Q for external wash which is a great healing agent. Pyrogenium had been prescribed for anti septic purpose. Both remedies expelled suppressive symptoms and given complete recovery to the patient.