Apr 2013|Vol 10|Iss 4

Clinical Evidence of Adenomyosis


Dr. K. S. Anandhi, M.D (Hom)
Bharkavi Narayani Homoeo Clinic,
Narayani Illam,Plot no.3,
Thindal medu, Thindal post, Erode – 638012.
Mobile – 9442931468
Email: dranandhiks@gmail.com


        A female aged 50 years presented with profuse, clotted bleeding since two years, periods were regular 4/30 day cycle. Bleeding dark with large clots, painful and protracted flow for 8 days since 6 months
Pain lower abdomen, cramping, before & during menses
Pain left breast, drawing, <before menses since 6 months, > after menses.

Past History

• Measles at age of 6 years.
• 2 normal deliveries. PS done.
• No H/o. of abortion or contraceptive use.

Family History

• Father- Diabetes with Hypertension & died of uremia 15 years back.
• Mother- Alive, diabetic, and hysterectomy done for fibroid uterus
• Sisters – 2- healthy ; Brother – 1- Diabetic

Physical General

• Appetite – normal.
• Thirst, Stool, Urine – Normal.
• Sleep – refreshing.
• Desires – salt++, fanta++, sour food
• Aversion – milk++
• Perspiration – profuse on least exertion

Mental General

• She cannot tolerate contradiction. She gets angry when contradicted.
• She suppresses her anger by keeping quiet and rarely let out by shouting.
• Broods over the problems and doesn’t share. Desire for company.
• Suppressed sexual feelings. – Husband is working in foreign country and visits her once in 3 years.


The Ultra sonogram reveals
Bulky Uterus with thickened endometroium
Small Hypoechoeic areas in the Myometrium due to Adenomyosis (Refer Plate Before)

Evaluation of symptoms

Company desire for
Contradiction intolerant of
Suppressed sexual feeling


Desire sour drinks, food, salt
Aversion milk
Menses protracted, dark, clotted, painful
Perspiration profuse on least exertion


Pain lt.mammae, drawing, and <menses before>after menses
Uterus induration



On repertorisation, the drugs which came out were Conium, Sepia and Phosphorus.
I selected Conium basing on mental generals and particulars.

First Prescription                                         28/06/08

LMP – 16/06/08.
    Conium 0/1 –BD for 1 month

Follow up 1                                                     24/07/08

LMP – 12/07/08. Bleeding reduced on 2nd day.
No pain in breast before and during menses.
      Con.0/1- BD for 1 month

Follow up 2                                                     09/09/08

Menses on 8/8/08, 5/09/08.
Flow reduced to 5 days. No pain in breast.
      Con.0/1 – OD for 1 month.

Follow up 3                                                     15/10/08

Feeling better. Menses on 5/10/08.
Normal flow for 5 days. No other complaints
USG reveals normal study (Refer Plate After)
      SL for 1 month.