Apr 2016|Volume 13|Issue 4
Apr 2016|Vol 13|Issue 4

Gaining acceptance…in mainstream

Dear Readers,

       We are celebrating 10th April of every year as “World Homoeopathic Day’ all over the world to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr.Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of great healing art. Some countries observe the great occasion as “World Homoeopathic Awareness week”. This special day is remembered usually by hosting conferences, seminars, workshops, continued medical education programs. We are glad that the unique science gaining its acceptance in the main stream of medicine

    Today, our medicine is considered as best choice and as an alternative, complementary to modern system. Public prefers homoeopathy for two reasons. Many people inspired with mode of action of homoeopathic medicine on dynamic plane which could inspire them on understanding that our medicines are free from side effects. Another reason is permanent solution and wide range of application in incurable diseases.
“Aude Sapere” the quotation of Horace, is rightly to be remembered at this time when homoeopathy is facing enormous challenges in theory, practice, and affiliation. Therefore this is the right time to prove the efficacy of Homoeopathy. Every one's contribution in the treatment on various illnesses and incurable diseases is needed, to make Homoeopathy as the mainstream of treatment around the world.
We are gifted with this wonderful healing system which offers pleasure and satisfaction in our career. We know the effect of homoeopathic medicines on physical and mental level, but we face more curdles, criticism and challenges on clinical efficacy. We know that our system is based on individualistic study and the medicines are dynamic.
As usual this time also Homoeo Times received many articles. We are happy that our Journal receives international attention in many aspects. Homoeo Times thank all authors, clinicians for contributing such wonderful support. In recent days we are in receipt of many articles with evidence based study. On this special day Homoeotimes wishes you all to have prosperity and popularity in your career.