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Dr. Anusha Hemakumara


 Dr. Anusha Hemakumara is a senior professional in the homeopathy field of the health care sector in Sri Lanka. Currently she is the chief medical officer of the Government funded Homeopathy clinic in Dehiwala-Mt.Lavinia area which is the largest suburb of the city of Colombo.

With her knowledge and experience gathered in the past 18 years practicing as a Doctor of Homeopathy; at the government
sponsored clinic as well as practicing as a consultant at the HK Homeopathy Medical Centre (since 2009), she has treated many thousands of patients who have visited her clinics from various parts of the country.

Her research on herbal drugs & cosmetic value addition techniques has helped her to develop her own line of products which is funded by HK Healthy Life Pvt. Ltd., and she hopes to see the products in the market in the future and continue to do further research with a view to expanding the product portfolio. Her sole aim is to promote and establish Homeopathy methods of treatment in Sri Lanka and Internationally. As a socially responsible person Dr. Hemakumara consults monthly at free medical camps held around the country which are funded by the HK Homeopathy private Ltd.
She has received a Certificate of Appreciation for her outstanding effort, dedication and contribution to the success of developing National Competency Standards, Training Standards and Assessment of Resources for the Health and Social Sector with the Standard Setting & Curriculum Development Section, of The National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA) in 2017.
She can be contacted at
58 A, De Silva Place, Ratmalana, Sri lanka
Doctor of Homeopathy
Government Homeopathy clinic


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