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Prof. Dr. J. D. Patil, M.D(Hom)
     Prof. Dr.J.D. Patil is a leading academician, author and research scholar of our Homoeopathic community. He has an ample experience of about 16 years in administration, 17 yrs experience as a P.G. Guide & PG Teacher to MD (Hom) & PhD (Hom), 36 years total teaching experience in UG. He was born on 1st June 1953. At present he serves as Principal in Foster Development Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Aurangabad.

     He has served in various positions like Former-Principal Homoeopathic Medical College, Jalna; Medical Officer; Director for Students’ Welfare, MUHS, and examiner for many universities. Appointed as an Inspector by CCH; Vigilance Squad for Examination’s by Dr. B.A.Marathawada University; Cap Director For MUHS Examinations, Chairman of LIC Committee For MUHS Inspections, etc. He has presented papers in many National and International Conferences
     He has authored many books includes Gems of Homoeopathic Materia Medica, Gems of Bio- Chemic Materia Medica, Gems of Obgy with Homoeo Therapeutics, Gems of M.C.Q.’s in Organon & HMM, Gems of M.C.Q.’s in Pharmacy, Gems of M.C.Q.’s in for I – BHMS, Gems of M.C.Q.’s in for II – BHMS, Gems of Indian Homoeopathy, Gems of Case taking in Homoeopathy, Gems of M.C.Q.’s in Homoeopathy, Gems of Pioneers of Homoeopath, Gems of 1000 Green Lines Symptoms, Gems of Modern Homoeopathy, Text Book of Applied Materia Medica, Group Study in Homoeopathic Materia Medica, P. G. Target, Text Book of H.M.M, etc.

     His research activities are Proving of Belladonna on Fishes and Proving & Reproving of many Homoeopathic medicines; serves as Co -Ordinator for research & proving Unit. His new research project on Obesity is in Progress

He can be contacted at

Prof. Dr. J. D. Patil, MD(hom)
682, Sahyadri Colony, N-5
Main Road, Cidco,
Aurangabad, Maharashtra – 431 003
Phone: 0240 – 484084
Email – jdpatil45@gmail.com