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Apr 2015|Volume 12|Issue 4
Apr 2015|Vol 12|Issue 4

IHML constitutes National body

          CHENNAI.FEB.22: The Indian Homoeopathic Medical League constituted the national office bearers for further milestone. The organisation convened the general Meeting with Governing body Members, State office bearers, District office bearers at Sabari Quality inn at Chennai. Dr.Monalisa John, District Secretary, Chennai welcomed the gathering and requested Dr.P.Victor dass president to convene the meeting. She called Dr.N.Subramanian, Dr.A.S.Manikavel, Dr.Mohamed Aleem, Dr.R.Gnanasambandam and Dr.P.V.Venkatraman, the governing members to chair the Dias.

        Dr.Vijay Anand, General secretary presented the agendas on Police Harassment on Registered Homoeopaths, Clinical Establishment Act and authorisation of Registered Medical Practitioners to issue certificates. He also presented the proposal for consideration of National body and reconstitution of State office bearers.

        Dr.K.Chandran discussed various difficulties faced by Homoeopaths in issuing the certificates to the Government officials. Dr.R.Mugilan spoke on unauthorised persons in the name of Human Rights Commission and other fake officials harassing the practitioners. Dr.Felix spoke and insisted the national security of registered homoeopaths before social hindrance and appreciated the organisation for integrity in securing every registered homoeopath from the clutches of law. Dr.R.Vijayakumar requested to conduct clinical meets in remote areas for deserving the service of Homoeopathy among young practitioners. Dr.M.Senthil insisted the social integrity to raise voice and fulfil our grievances and insisted to increase postings in Government sector. Dr.Balaji Venkatraman insisted the efficacy of Homoeopathy in prevention of communicable diseases by periodical camps. Dr.Vijay Anand, discussed the insurance in the view of protection against laws and universal benefits.

        Dr.R.Gnanasambandam, Dr.Mohamed Aleem, Dr.P.V.Venkatraman also spoke and discussed various issues in reference to the agendas and resolutions were passed to take appropriate action by the organisation. The Governing body Meeting also approved the accounts for the year 2013-2014 by Dr.Alwin babu Treasurer.

        The proposal for constitution of national body and reconstitution of the state office bearers also approved. The Meeting also resolved to include the B and C class practitioners in District office bearers

        The Governing body members installed the National and State office bearers at the end of the program. Dr.P. Victor Dass sworn in as National President, Dr.Vijay Anand as National Secretary and Dr. Alwin babu as Treasurer. Dr. N.R.Jayakumar sworn in as National Vice president and Dr.Britto wilbert Dass as National joint secretary. The National executives Dr. Rufus Nathaniel, Dr.Chandran, Dr.P.Mukundan Dr. Naresh Kumar, Dr.Sandhya Kalidass and Dr. A Gayathri were installed

        The Governing body installed the state office bearers. Dr.R.Gnanasambandam sworn as President, Dr.Monalisa John as General Secretary and Dr.Alwin babu as Treasurer. Dr.S.Sasikumar sworn as Vice President and Dr.S.Senthil Mohan as Joint secretary. The executives Dr.V.A.Jawahar, Dr.Selvaraj, Dr.V.Velayutham, Dr.Vijayakumar, Dr.K. Savitha and Dr. Pavendhan also sworn in.
Special invitees Dr.Kumareasan Dr.Vasudevan, Dr.N.R.Jayakumar and advisors of District Chapters Dr.K.Chidambara Natarajan, Dr.R.Vijayakumar, Dr.Elango, Dr. Chandran also participated. Dr.Vijay Anand proposed vote of thanks