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Apr 2015|Volume 12|Issue 4
Apr 2015|Vol 12|Issue 4

Dr.G.P. Hahnemann changes his political colour along with members

This photograph in face book disappeared after three hours

          CHENNAI.MAR.15: Dr.G.P. Hahnemann, former president, Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy Medical Council, joined the ruling AIADMK political party changing his political colour and disciple of DMK a known opposition party. The homoeopathy community whispers that this political drama had been made to obtain the President post. The community suspects his strong supporters Dr.Palanivel Rajan, Dr.N.V.Sugathan, Dr.T.C.P Nambiar, the members of the Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy Medical Council also obtained AIADMK member card through online registrations. An another unethical member Dr.R.Rangasamy who claims himself as party men had been instrumental for these political innovations.

        This photograph of Dr. G.P. Hahnemann in front of Ganeasha temple along with banner appeared suddenly in www. Facebook.com/Palanivelrajan Thangarajan tagging 36 members at 8.45 am today. The post received 12 likes and eight comments blaming for ruining the homoeopathic community. The post was deleted within three hours of post. The news was hot over various “Whatsup groups” on silent spectation and fun talk over phone

Dr. Hahnemann with DMK Union Minister Gandhiselvan
Dr. R. Rangasamy with A. Elandhiryan, a quack

        Dr. G.P. Hahnemann, a student of Padiar homoeopathy Medical College registered his name in Travancore Cochin Medical council and also reregistered his name in the Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy Medical Council to obtain nominations and contest elections immorally.

        He was elected member of the council for three sittings and won the last election for Central Council for Homoeopathy. The honorable High court of Madras has received petitions on malpractice in election and long pending publication of Medical Register. The records shows that he obtained the President post during DMK party ruling over riding proposal of the Department of Indian Medicine and Department of Health by Political clutch weaning DMK party. A letter of recommendation by the former Revenue Minster I.Periasamy and his close association with former union minister Gandhiselvan could screen his abilities. Dr. G.P. Hahnemann was appointed by former health minister MRK Paneerselvam as President and additionaly honoured him as Homoeopathy technical advisor for Government of Tamil Nadu. His tenure was over on 10.2.2015.

        The community talks that Dr.G.P Hahneman finds no other way except obtaining re nomination as President. Hence he changed his political colour and prays God for Honorable former Chief Minister AMMA even though he never seen with “God’s faith” and in temples . During his tenure the Medical Register was not published and cross examined by collectors since the last publication of Gazette during tenure confirmed that impersonated certificates were sold from council itself and still it is pending. The community also questioned their association with a quack A.Elandhiryan, who claimed himself in possession of RHMP certificate.

Former DMK Revenue Minister I.Periasamy recommendation letter

        During his tenure many CME, Seminars were conducted and the money was deposited on Dr.N.V.Sugathan’s name at Anna Nagar branch without council’s knowledge. A member in government service observed had raised objection over the fund of the council. The council already ratified the misuse funds of 4 lakhs by Thiru. C. Soundarajan former Registrar I/C of the council.

        At outset the community eagerly and watching silently on the happenings and revengeful activities under disciplinary action may put them in hurdles.