Aug 2015|Vol 12|Is 8

Efficacy of Arsenicum Album in Vitiligo


Vitiligo is an incurable disease, which is quiet amenable to similimum. The symptomatology of hypopigmentary disorders mostly rank Arsenicum album in most of the cases and clinically excelled results. Here we present a case treated by Dr.R.Gnanasambandam He served in many positions in the state and central Government. He can be contacted at 6, Llyod's II Lane Royapettah, Chennai -600014


      A male aged 45 years presented with white discoluration of skin since three years. The lesions were found in left shoulder, neck, arm pits, navel and groins. Initially the lesions started from left arm pit, later scattered throughout the body. He underwent allopathic treatment, consulted dermatologist and the medicines and topicals frustrated to choose an alternative system. He chooses homoeopathic treatment on advice and presented the history with ray of hopes.

Past History

      History of cold and cough
      H/o Honey bee bite
      H/o trauma in1999

Family History

      No similar complaints, paternal uncle had eczema
      Father DM, mother Hypertensive


Physical Generals
      Complexion - Medium
      Stature - Normal
      Appetite - Normal
      Thirst - Normal
      Stool - Normal
      Urine - Normal
      Sweat - Normal
      Sleep - Normal
      Food Type - Vegetarian. Has the habits of tea, coffee,

Mental Generals
      Mental, intellectual state of mind is very calm, anxious, very sensitive and emotional and religious

Diagnosis of Disease

Diagnosis of Miasm
      Pseudo psora, Syphiltic

First prescription                        8.8.2005

            Arsenicum Album 1M tds
            Placebo for 14 days


      In this case insect bite caused Auto immune reaction, contributing psora syphiliytic changes in epidermal cells and also syphilitic changes. Arsenicum Album was the choice of miastmatic prescription, which gave excellent and complete recovery to the patient. In this case potency of the drug was never changed to act on the dynamic plane without any disturbance even after 10 years follow up.