Aug 2013|Vol 10|Iss8

An Autistic Child


Dr.R.Gnanasambandam, M.D (Hom),
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Royapettah, Chennai – 600014
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        A child aged eight years was brought to me for the delay in mental development. She is fair and moderately flabby. The child had difficulty in engaging, quiet, difficulty in mingling with friends and also fails to pay attention to a task; failure to understand instructions, easily gets distracted, poor performance in school, when she was 1 ½ years old complaints started as salient watching , no speech , adamancy, calm , beating.

Additional complaints

Tendency to catch cold easily

Past History

H/o Fever two to three days, had allopathic treatment

Family History

Family history of child’s paternal grandfather with diabetes, and from maternal side high blood pressure, no similar complaints from both genetic traits.

Physical generals

Complexion - Fair
Appetite - Normal
Thirst - Normal
Stool - Normal
Urine - Normal
Sweat - Profuse on scalp
Sleep - More
Food Type - Vegetarian
Desires for sweets
Has the habits of coffee

Mental Generals

Beats family members
Fears strangers


     The classical features of Autism lack of eye contaction , lack of verbal communication and behavior changes could diagnose Autism

First prescription                         08/02/05

Calc Carb 200 tds
Placebo for 15 days

Follow up 1                                   23/02/05

Cold and catarrh after drenching in rain at school
No Fever


Rhus Tox 6 BD / three days

Follow up 2                                   12/05/05

Easily offended- family members.
Socialiasation good now
Speech improved,
Assembles Puzzles fast
Calc Carb 200 / tds
Followed with Placebo for one month

Follow up 3                                  29/06/05

Better now ,Quarrelsome less
Calc Carb 200 / tds
Followed with Placebo for one month

Follow up 4                                  04/08/05

Better, sings rhymes

Follow up 5                                  13/09/05

Speaks few words and sings Rhymes
Calc Carb 200 / tds
Followed with Placebo for one month
Further follow ups the Calc Carb 200 was repeated every month.


                 We hold different types of prescriptions for different types of cases in our day to day practice. We know our homoeopathic prescription is artistic and would effective only when application is based on the science of the body and mind. Hahnemann had given clear message for treating the every classification of disease each class of the cases demands a different method of prescription and approach.

     Mental disease are one sided disease, in which the scarcity of symptoms lead a physician to prescribe on totality or constitutional with more miasmatic perceptive. The expression of profuse sweat at physical level is corporeal expression as surface symptom of fair, moderately obese girl. The psoric constitution according to Hahnemann guidelines almost fit the patient for radical cure. Let us hope homoeopathy can do something special in well being of the Autistic children