Aug 2016|Volume 13|Issue 8
Aug 2016|Vol 13|Issue 8

Public Awareness Programs

Dear Readers,

            Today no one denies that Homoeopathy is well appreciated main stream of medicine. Even though popularity gains much in metropolitan, the urban and rural acceptance is not reached and awareness on Homoeopathy is very poor.

          AKP Homoeopathic Clinical Research Center took an initiative and conducted series of Public Awareness on Homoeopathy and also free Medical Camps on various ailments. The public awareness program on Homoeopathy commemorating the World Vitiligo Day celebration on 25th June 2016, well received by the public forum. About 310 participated.
      Hence we need to work at grass root level to promote and popularize Homoeopathy. Our nation is pooled with many organizations, nongovernmental organizations at state and national levels. The attempt to enrich the knowledge among practitioners had reached to the core by the way of conferences, seminars, workshops and CMEs by the organizations; however attention to the public is very poor
      Hence the welfare organizations ought to come forward to enlight the efficacy of Homoeopathy to the lay area on Homoeopathic literature and effi cacy of Homoeopathy.
      We thank the authors for the submissions on the Title “Nux Vomica”. We are happy with overwhelming response in readership, submission of articles, case studies and news updates, which crowns our journal with more acceptances by the homoeopathic and scientific community.