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Aug 2016|Volume 13|Issue 8
Aug 2016|Vol 13|Issue 8

Refresh 2016 at JIMS

          HYDERABAD.JUL.2: The Institute of Practicing Homoeopathy (IPH) in association with JIMS Homoeopathic Medical College, Hyderabad has organised a One Day Seminar, Refresh 2016 at JIMS Homoeopathic Medical College. Dr. Mahesh Kakada, Asst. Professor, JIMS Hyderabad, invited the guests to dais.The programme was presided over by Dr. Arvind Kothe, Director JIMS Homoeopathic Medical College. Dr. N. Srinivasa Rao, Member, CCH & CCRH New Delhi inaugurated the event. A floral tribute was also paid by them along with Dr. G B. Prasad, Principal, JIMS, Dr. Reetha Krishnan Superintendent, JIMS Hospital and Dr. B. S. Mohan, Director, Institute of Practicing Homoeopathy (IPH). In his inaugural words Dr. N. Srinivasa Rao, appreciated the JIMS infrastructure at Hospital and College and also stressed the importance of standards in clinical practice. He quoted the recent draft of NABH daft of Accreditation Standards for Homoeopathic Hospitals in India.
          Dr. G. Srinivasulu, Asst. Professor, GHMC, Kadapa and Member, Scientific Committee IIHP, inaugurated the scientific session. He explained and asked the participants to go through the Fifty Reasons for Being a Homeopath. Dr. B. S. Mohan spoke on Health care Industry and Homoeopathy. Dr. C. P. Satya Prasad, Chief Advisor, IPH explained relation between Homoeopathy – Disease & Man. Dr. N. Gavesh of IPH presented a audio visual presentation on Clinical Establishment infrastructure. Dr. D. V. Krishna Rao, academic director, IPH presented the evidence based clinical cases during his topic on Scope of the Homoeopathy in clinical practice. Dr. I. Srinivas, Director, Ans &Win organised a med quiz programme.

          The students and faculty members of JIMS, Dr. Leela, Dr. Uma Rani, Dr. Latifuddin, Dr. Sridevi, Dr.Haritha, Dr. Madhavi, Dr. Jaypalrao, Dr. Mahesh was present during the seminar. The members of IPH, Dr. B. V. Bhaskar, Dr. T. Sree Ram, Dr. T. V. Sagar, Dr. V. Srinivasa Babu, Dr. V. Lakshmi Prasanna, Dr. Naga Raju from various places of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were participated. The authorities and management of JIMS presented the mementos to IPH members. Dr. G. B. Prasad, Principal, JIMS concluded the event with vote of thanks.