August 2017|Volume 14|Issue 8
August 2017|Vol 14|Issue 8

Workshops…tool for learning in depth

Dear Readers,

       We are pleased to receive the submissions on the title “Solanacea Group “. Interestingly we have received many submissions on clinical experience column and also case studies. We are happy to share your inspirations which is an eye opener to our clinical practice and update, enrich our knowledge

     We are happy to inform that Homoeo Times had hosted :” Vitiligo Workshop” with overwhelming response, commemorating the World Vitiligo day at Hotel Deccan plaza on June 25th . We also thank Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy for their immense support and lime lighting the exclusive successful project in Vitiligo treatment

     The workshop is represented by 62 clinicians, discussed in depth on review of literature, presentations by clinical panelists, Research updates by Central council for Research in Homoeopathy. Clinicians also presented the presentations on responding, obstinate cases to find solutions in the forum. Every ones outcome had been recorded and resolutions and recommendations had been drawn for pursuance of the Government and public

     The journal has taken the prime initiative in hosting an workshop, besides the seminars, Symposium and conference to bring in depth understating on a subject and bring recommendations with subjective works . In deed the objective signs of improvement in vitiligo cannot be denied by any member in the scientific community
     Ultimately the success, leads to host a exclusive workshop on Thyroid Disorders in future, calling papers from all. A committee also constituted to scrutinize the papers. Notifications will be issued soon

     We thank one and all for immense support for the development of our system by all means