August 2011|Volume 8|Issue 8
Aug 2011|Vol 8|Issue 8


Great scope in infertility...


Dear Readers,
       Infertility is an embarrassing disorder for every couple since the familial, and social environment has more impact on this issue. The infertility rate also very high in
recent statistics . Many couple prefer modern medicine , particularly the Assisted Reproduction techniques like IUI, IVF, ICSI , GIFT and so on. The couple also very anxious to conceive quickly , as now the trend has been changed from natural way.

         Homoeopathy has great hope in the treatment of infertility. A male partner may present erectile dysfunction due to many causes which can be remedied effectively. He may have some sperm abnormalities that can be corrected effectively . A male may present Varicocele commonly and clinically present low sperm count, which can be effectively improved without surgery. Similarly some cysts , infections can also be controlled. Many hypogonads had given good response to the treatment.

       Similarly lot of PCOD and Hypothyroid patients had been treated well and conceived. Menstrual irregularities of different kind had responded successfully. Proliferative pathologies, complicating pregnancy also responded to our dynamic treatment. Pelvic inflammatory diseases and tubal blocks given surprising response clinically.

       Many couple tried with various techniques and finally choose our medicine, which had given birth to their prestigious baby. Many cases with idiopathic finding and auto immunity had shown good response.

      The application and prescription differs from case to case and a physician had to pick up the correct tool to unbolt the causative factors. In many cases counseling places an important role to make good interpersonal relationship Hahnemann had contributed a great medical system to the world serving the couple to have their “ Lovely Child”

with regards