Aug 2011|Vol 8|Issue 8


Homoeopathic Management of Female Infertility


       It is important to understand the key concepts in management of female infertility, this includes

Understanding the disease diagnosis

       As diseases are often multifactorial in origin and hormonal imbalance is often routed through the Pscho Neuro Endocrine axis identifying this over an evolution in time allows us to judiciously use our forces acute/phase /chronic.

Understanding person

       This allows us to understand the need for auxiliary aids like core healing or cognitive therapies to aid recovery, it also helps us in identifying the chronic deep acting remedy , psychotherapy often will require interventions with both couples to aid the healing process.

Understanding Miasm /susceptibility

       These are akin to the female role gentle at times furious at times mild dormant , mankind respects her sensitivity and fears her reactivity ,she is the susceptibility and understanding her will unlock the key to management remedial and non remedial and on our posology.

Understanding remedy

       Appreciating what is curable and what is in the scope of our science will allow us to be a learner in this process The study of a drug is not dependent on how we master our memory for symptoms but how we pick up their essentials that build a portrait build by the inquisitors ability – As stated by M Boger.

       "To be of this earth is to know the restlessness of being a seed, the joy of growing to sun, the mystery of death and the miracle of birth"

       Changing times and changing role playings , delayed motherhood are playing an important role in stresses ,conflict and adaptation and PNE ( PSYCHONEUROENDOCRINE AXIS ) getting affected and increasing cases of PCOD AT birth no new oocytes are formed ,by the age of thirty the female would have lost more than half her oocytes ,and only 300 follicles proceed to ovulation during the fertile period from menarche to menopause Among the commonest etiological cases are systemic diseases like diabetes ,thyroid , psychological genetic and anatomical causes in cervix ,uterus( example fibroids endometriosis tubal blocks ) ,hormonal ( PCOD )

Dynamis Homoeo Trust organized a National Seminar “Infertility Update 2011” at Hotel Le Jardin, Erode.

Dr. Latha Devarajan,speaker on the topic “Homoeopathic Management of Female Infertility” is given here.

She can be contacted at 09945131115

1. A case of PCOD with Infertility

       A Patient married since 2 years age 29 years ,software professional ,husband also software ,presently in nuclear family ,had one natural abortion in January 2010 during which got diagnosed with hypothyroid has been advised Elthroxin and comes with irregular menstrual cycles and diagnosed PCOD . Her consultation was June 12th 2010.

Present complaints

1. Menses irregular since six months ,once in thirty or forty days for three days and bleeding scanty ,--Ultrasound showed PCOD changes in ovary.

2. Hypothyroid – TSH 3.2 ( taking Elthroxin since Jan 2010 ,asymptomatic.

3. Head pain <sun< fasting for one or two days then better on its own.

4. Git bloating , sour taste < outside food and spicy food.

Personal history

• Craves sweets and salty 2
• Chilly patient
• Sweat face
• Aversion milk
• Sun<headache and < fasting –causes gases bloating

Past history

       Jaundice -8th year

Family history

       Mother has osteoarthritis since 50th year father NIDDM since 40th year.

Life space

       Patient described herself as a second born child , had an elder brother , father was too strict and did not give her freedom and also would scold her if she didn’t do well , she would keep within not share with anyone and felt till her teenage she was a reserved introvert child ,then she opened up and felt she started rebelling .she felt she would never be a “doormat “ like her mother and would study and work hard and be independent She went to study INA college outside and studied management (MBA ) in this tenure she found a boy friend and they shared a relationship for three years , during this period she went through suppressed anger as he would often put her down saying things like she doesn’t know anything and would not let her participate in theatre ,subsequently after she got a job she left the place and moved out her she met her husband and they got married ,presently she is comfortably settled and is looking forward to her pregnancy ,There have been stresses at work like boss not complying to request and not really looking at her team ,she feels hurt ,but since three months the boss has changed ,so she is comfortable.

       Natrum carb 200 allowed cycle to regularise , and allowing the hypothyroid to settle. However was not helping the adequate growth of graffian follicle . Growing follicle to mature follicle ( size 18-19 mm at the time of rupture ) and .ovulation required the stimulation from Oophirinum stimulates the oestrogen hormone cycle to aid this process Along with physical exercises to regulate metabolism and core healing processes to heal and accept the role playing and patient conceived and is now two months pregnant

2. A Case of Psychological disturbance with infertility

       Mrs B age 29 years had an ectopic pregnancy that ruptured she had conceived after six years of marriage ,now patient was in grief ,weeping and did not get her periods ,it was a state of shock and fear that she will never conceive again and she has only one tube left Patient was given aconite 1m ,it took two months to regularise the periods subsequently when case was defined she shared about her emotional traumas and difficulties with husband who was indifferent to her and her in laws who blamed her for not conceiving , along with the physical generals ( craving salt and sweat on face and ambithermal she was given Natrum Mur 200 weekly three doses .This case also required the couple to be have greater understanding that helped the healing process subsequently she conceived in march 1991 and delivered in Dec 1991 a female

3. A case of fibroid complicating conception and pregnancy

       Patient age 34 was not conceiving and diagnosed with irregular menses and two fibroids intra mural 2.2 by 2.2 mm in the year 2003 Case was defined ,patient married since ten years , has been having menstrual irregularities ( there was no PCOD detected ) since menarche and fibroids was diagnosed only two years back .Patient comes from a middle class family ,she was the eldest child and was bought up in a protected environment .She was always shy timid and fearful , got married into a joint family and found she had to cope with lot of hard work and demands and she was also sensitive and would try to maintain good relation .However as she was not conceiving she became very anxious , Especially about health and future ,along with stocky person and chilly patient who also had respiratory problem in damp with family history of long standing hypertension in fathers family she was given Calc carb 30 frequent doses , it took almost six months for the periods and size of fibroids to come down .Patient also needed cognitive therapy to help with the anxiety ,patient also had to loose weight and exercise .This comprehensive management allowed patient to conceive in Dec 2003 and deliver a female baby in September 2003 ,What was important here was the fibroids it reduced in size to 0.5 however did not dissolve and patient conceived ,during pregnancy again it enlarged ,as expected and this required for pain Mag Phos 6X frequent doses and Thuja 200 during the seventh month for a week till pain came down and it did not create further difficulties for a healthy baby to be born in Jan 2004