Aug 2012|Vol 9|Iss 8

A case of Molluscum contagiosum


Dr.Shreepad hegde, M.D (Hom)
Professor, GHMC,Bangalore
Mobile: 09448018654


         A boy aged 5 years consulted me for skin eruptions in his face since ten days. Initially tiny eruption started around the upper lip and then spread to other parts of the face. No itching, it bursts with watery thick discharge. Applied some local ointment which is of no use.

Totality of the symptoms

1) Eruptions on face and cheeks
2) Eruptions are more on right side of the face
3) Vesicular rashes
4) Transparent lesions
5) Eruptions around the mouth
6) Cravings for sweet and spicy
7) Dry skin of the body
8) Hot baby

First prescription                           16.01.2012

Natrum mur 200 3 doses for a day

Follow up 1                                       22.01.2012

Some lesions disappeared, one new rash appeared.
SL for 5 days
Follow Up 2                                       27.01.2012

Eruptions fully disappeared.


Molluscum contagiosum is rapidly spreading viral skin disease by contact, more common in children. Even though the drug Carbo Animalis specific in many cases since it has the causation as viral spread , Natrum mur was indicated understanding the constitution of the patient and the craving lead the remedial prescription understanding the mental level of expression