Aug 2014|Volume 11|Issue 8
Aug 2014|Vol 11|Issue 8

India Pioneers in Homoeopathic Education

Dear Readers,
   Now the rush towards medical education is grading in all states of our country, especially Homoeopathic Medical education receives overwhelming response from the students. The reasons are so simple as (1) Private Professional offers good service to the community (2) Job opportunities in Central and State Government medical services (3) Research opportunity among our country and aboard. Nowadays Health sector has extended bigger scope for health industry, health tourism promoted by Central and State Government.

     The Department of AYUSH launched the National and state campaign programs for Mother and Child Care, the Homoeopathic fraternity served to the core with sweets pills. There are lot of NRHM dispensaries serve the community in several states providing, joining the hands of Ayurveda, Unani , Sidhha and Yoga systems.

   Homoeopathic education in 186 Homoeopathic Medical Colleges all over india provides a quite number of homoeopaths in our country. The education is standardized and offered as 5 ½ years BHMS course by the Central council of Homoeopathic prospective efforts Now for Post Graduate education in 7 specialty or subject admissions are available in 38 Post Graduate Colleges in the county. Subjects offered are (1) Medicine (2) Paediatrics (3) Materia Medica (4) Repertory (5) Organon of Medicine (6) Psychiatry (7) Homoeopathic Pharmacy for admission. Central Council of Homoeopathy prepared all the procedure to launch 6 new postgraduate subjects from academic year 2015 which are (1) OB / GY (2) Pathology (3) Community Medicine (4) Forensic Medicine (5) Anatomy (6) Physiology.

   Department of AYUSH and Central Council of Homoeopathy integrate the admissions and public awareness for among the young student to choose their excellent career. The admissions for alternative systems always delayed in all states, the government is urged by private organizations to streamline formalities earlier

   We are proud that we are pioneering towards excellence and render great service to the community. We heartfully thank the Government and Central council of Homoeopathy for taking our system to the main streams.

with regards
Prof. Dr. S. M. Desarda

Dr.S.M. Desarda is Principal of D.K.M.M. Homoeopathic Medical College, Aurangabad.Member Executive Committee , Central council of Homoeopathy , New Delhi.