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Aug 2014|Volume 11|Issue 8
Aug 2014|Vol 11|Issue 8

Police harasses BHMS Doctors

Non Medical Register publications Results?

          DHARMAPURI. JUL: The Police arrested Dr Suresh, a fresh BHMS doctor practicing at Mahendramangalam at Dharmapuri District. The facts are alleged on doubtful certificates and professional enmity. Non availability of the Medical Register particulars in collectorate level results bad experience for the fresh BHMS physicians too.

     Homoeopathy system has its council there were about 15.176 practitioners in B and C Class and around 4,500 in A class . The council keeps the old Medical Register which published in 1978 for B and C. The Medical Register for A is published once in a while. According to the council act, it is duty of the registrar to publish the Medical Register every year in the month of February and send to collectors and Corporation commissioners to furnish the professional information about every practitioners and any death.

     So far the Medical Register is not published, revised because many illegal registrations issued from the council itself. Since the name of every practitioner is not checked by the District collectorate and commissioners the doctors are under police suspicion and also enable to handle another system

     The chain of actions will stop only on proper update, revised publication of Medical Register every year by the council for all practitioners every year. Every practitioner has right to ask his copy by paying prescribed fee.The Medical Register enables the police officials to treat Homoeopaths who are in large number in Tamil Nadu