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Dec 2017|Volume 14|Issue 12
Dec 2017|Vol 14|Issue 12

Preliminary Meeting on Centre on Research in Multiple disabilities held at NIEPMED



        CHENNAI.NO.11: The Clinical Research Unit For Homoeopathy Chennai,CCRH,Ministry of AYUSH has organized a 2days Interactive meet for development of Centre on Research in Multiple Disabilities through Homoeopathy, along with Capacity building and the 1st Advisory committee meeting of CRUs Chennai, Puducherry,&Portblair held at NIEPMED, Muttukadu, Chennai
Dr.Raj Kumar Manchanda, Director General CCRH, Ministry of AYUSH New Delhi , Dr.V.K.Gupta Chairman S.A.C,CCRH, Dr.Himangshu,Das, Director NIEPMD Chennai, Dr.P.V.venkatraman, Chairman, Advisory Committee CRUs, Dr.R,Gnana sambandam, Member Advisory committee,Editor Homoeotimes Chennai
Dr.R.K.Hora, Former Director NIEPMD New Delhi, Dr.Kumar Dhawale Mumbai, Dr.Prafull Baruvalia Mumbai, Dr Ashok Sharma, New Delhi, Dr,Neeraj Gupta,Dr Divya Taneja ,R.O.(H)S2,CCRH, participated in the two days programme .Various papers were presented by the above resource persons in the field of Multiple Disabilities with homoeopathy., and also discussed on capacity building for centre on Research in Multiple Dis abilities through Homoeopathy.
Dr Kolli Raju,Officer Incharge CRU(H)Chennai,&the Officers and staff of CRU(H)Chennai organized the programme.

Dr Ravikumar .S, Officer Incharge, CRU(T)Puducherry, Dr.Naveen Kumar Singh, Officer Incharge CRU(H)Portblair , Dr.Karthikeyan R.O.(H) s1, CRI(H)Kottayam also attended to the programme. The Director NIEPMD Dr.Himangshu das and their Officers &staff co-ordinated the above programme