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Menstrual Disorders and Homoeopathic Approach


Dr. Khushali. P. Gambhir MD (Hom) is a young homoeopath, dynamic in social and academic activities, graduated from Dhondhumama Sathe Homoeopathy medical College, Pune and done her post graduation at Ahmedabad Homoeopathy Medical College, Ahmedabad. She had presented scientific papers in seminars. She can be contacted at New No: 52, Ground Floor, 4th Street, Abhirampuram, Chennai 600018, Phone: 044-24660529, 044-24660629, Mobile: 9884027011, Email:



   “Homeopathy is essentially not only many- sided but all sided” says Dr. Constantine herring in a quotation from Boericke’s Materia Medica and William Boericke states that “ The fact is we need any and every way of finding the right remedy ; the simple simile, the simple symptomatic similimum, and the farthest reach of all – the pathologic similimum , and I maintain that we are still within the lines of Homeopathy that is expansive, progressive , science fostered and science fostering .

Some common Menstrual Ailments

• Menorrhagia (hypermenorrhea): prolonged (>7 days) and/or excessive (>80cc) uterine bleeding occurring at REGULAR intervals.
• Metorrhagia: uterine bleeding occurring at completely irregular but frequent intervals, the amount being variable.
• Menometorrhagia: uterine bleeding that is prolonged AND occurs at completely irregular intervals.
• Polymenorrhea: uterine bleeding at regular intervals of less than 21 days.
• Intermenstrual bleeding: bleeding of variable amounts occurring between regular menstrual periods.
• Oligomenorrhea: uterine bleeding at regular intervals from 35 days to 6 months.
• Amenorrhea: absence of uterine bleeding for > 6 months.
• Postmenopausal bleeding: uterine bleeding that occurs more than 1 year after the last menses in a woman with ovarian failure.
• Vicarious menstruation: Rare condition in which extra genital haemorrhage occurs at regular intervals corresponding to menstrual periods.

How to Evaluate Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding?


      Most important are onset , frequency, duration, severity , pain, change from menstrual pattern (calendar), Age, parity, marital status, sexual health, contraception, medications, dates of pregnancies with symptoms of pregnancy and reproductive tract disease.

      As Homeopathy goes deeper into individualization, Emphasis in history is given on the type of menstrual discharge in terms of colour, odour, consistency, time of flow and conditions of aggravation and amelioration of the flow. Associated symptoms (concomitants) before / during and after, concomitants in general. Overall status of the mind. Circumstances under which the complaints started.

      Physical Examination and pelvic examination also necessary

      Many patients may need an Ultrasonogram and elderly people Pap smear. Choices are extensive and not practical or cost effective to do every test. Thus selection should be tailored to suspected causes from the history and physical examination.

Homoeopathic Approach

In reality two basics are very helpful
1. The Concomitants, which gives way to the constitution / miasmatic prescriptions.
2. Pathological


Genitalia female

• Menses : Afternoon : Ceases in : Mag Carb
• : Bright – red : Mingled with dark clots : Bell , Lyco , Sabina, Sec
• : Exertion brings on the flow : Bov, Calc, Rhus, Tril
• : Offensive : Acrid : Bell , Carbo - v
• Metrorrhagia, Polypus from : Bell , Calc , Con , Lyco, Phos, Thuja.
• hot bleed : Arnica , Bell, Bry, Lac- can , Puls ,
• Iron ,after abuse of : Puls
• Walking amel:sabin
• Vexation after: Ip, kali-c.
Convulsions,with: Bell. Chin, hyos. Sec.

• Menorrhagia: Every alternate period, profuse: Thalaspi.
• Complaints, preceding and attending flow
• Breasts, tender, swollen: Bry; Calc c; Con; Graph; Helon; Kali c; Lac c;
• Mag c; Merc; Murex; Phyto; Puls; Sang.
• Aphonia : Gels, Graph
• Mouth sore, swelling of gums, cheeks;bleeding ulcer: Phos
• Stomach disturbances: Arg n; Ars; Bry; Kali c; Lach; Lyco; Nux m; Nux v;
• Puls; Sep; Sulph
• Weakness : Alum; Am c; Carb an; Cinch; Cocc; Ferr m; Glycerin; Graph;
• helon; Ign;Iod; Puls; Ver a


      Miss T.N – 16 years - 25/7/08 A Girl aged sixteen years consulted me for dysmenorrhoea with profuse bleeding. She attained her menarche at the age of 12 years; she had regular with normal flow up to one year. Now developed pain the lower abdomen with nausea and vomiting. Heavy bleeding < Exertion. She also had dyspeptic symptoms flatulence and bloating. She had acne vulgaris on the face. Suffered from headaches with blurring vision. Her MRI suggested a cyst in the adenexal regions on both sides I prescribed Lyssin 1M as a pathological prescription and Apis 200 and Pulsatilla were prescribed as follow up medicines finally the ultrasonogram revealed normal study.

      A 40 years old lady had Dysfunctional Uterine bleeding since 9 years. Her periods skins a month and spots inbetween the periods. She had abdominal cramps, Headache and low backache. She had acne in the face, chest and back. She was obese and unwanted hair growth also reported. Sepia was prescribed based on her totality and periods are regained to normal flow.

      A young girl aged 10 years had severe bleeding, she has to change her napkins every two houses. She feels difficult to change every 2 hours. The patient is highly irritable ++. Sensitive++ takes any smallest joke personally and gets offended. Goes away to room, sulk, must be cajoled & comforted by mother & then only comes out of room. Keeps fighting with younger brother & tells mother “why on earth do I have to deal with this creature, you deal with him”. Usually very easy going, but since 4-5 months become sensitive. My prescription was based on her mentals and Nux vomica 1M corrected her.

      A sixteen years old girl skipped her periods for three months and her Ultrasongram revealed Poly Cystic ovarian Disease. She also had breast heaviness before menses . Menses in general scanty, but lasts 5 days. Vertigo < standing for long. Her mind is anxious if friendships not reciprocated fast, hurry and get the things must finish off. Cry, when wrongly reprimanded. She was treated with Calcaria carb 200 based on her constitution and mentals. She regained her periods and heaviness of breast stopped

Prolonged menses running into next cycle – Sec Cor / Lil tig
Prolonged menses running into next cycle with irritability ++ - Nux Vomica
Profuse bleeding – bright - Millifolium 30 / ipecac 30
Profuse bleeding – dark - Hamamellis followed by Lil Tig
Pain associated with gushing flow and clots – Sabina followed by CC
PCOD with scanty flow - Con / Sepia
PCOD with Profuse flow - CC
Midcycle bleeding – Apis
Interrupted menses – Apis / puls


      Each prescription is individualistic and patients receive the prescription on pathological, keynote, constitutional and miasmatic on the discretion of the physician, Homoeopathy could rescue very all mental disorders in a harmonious, gentle way of prescription.