Dec 2011|Vol 8|Iss 12

A Case of Urolithiasis with Hydronephrosis


Dr.Smita Brahmachari is a post graduate in Repertory from National Institute of Homoeopathy Kolkata, selected through UPSC and working as a Medical Officer in Dept. of ISM & Homoeopathy.,Govt of NCT New Delhi. She had authored many scientific articles which were published in leading Journals. Here she presents a case of Tinea Corporis. She can be contacted at WZ-52, Plot No. 45, Ravi Nagar, Near Buddbazar, Chaukhandi, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi – 110018,


       A twenty three years old male presented the following symptoms

Presenting complaints

Pain in right lumbar region, sudden onset, violent agonizing pain especially felt when he passes urine since 5 days
Concomitants: Dysuria, strangury; severe backache in LS region and generalised weakness.

Past History

Had been Jaundice in 2005; recurrent episodes – onset after jaundice
History of Urinary Tract Infection and gastroenteritis.

Family History

Father and Mother are Hypertensive
Younger brother and sister – Tuberculosis

Physical Generals

• Appetite: decreased (esp. after jaundice with recurrent gastro enteritis).
• Desire: Salt, cold drinks.
• Bowel habits: Unsatisfactory, unfinished sensation, 2 – 3 times in a day, soft stool.
• Perspiration: from back, non – offensive, cold palms (Rt. > Lt.).
• Sleep – Normal
• Dream: NS.

Mental Generals

Introvert, Disappointed love 4 years back – broken relationship


Patient is tall 5 ft 6”, well built, good looking with long eyelashes, dark complexioned, glossy and thick nails.

Laboratory investigations:

1. Routine haemogram was found to be within normal range and urine microscopic examination showed presence of RBC casts.
2. USG findings: Grade II hydronephrosis in right kidney with dilated right ureter. A calculus of 8.2 mm seen in rt. Upper ureter.(Refer Plate Before)


The case is multimiasmatic with tubercular dominance. The remedy should be of tubercular diathesis. With right sided complaints predominance, History of f jaundice, characteristic desire for salt, Right palm was colder than left and tubercular base, the medicine selected was Lycopodium
Along with Lycopodium. HYDRANGEA Q was prescribed for speedy removal of calculi to alleviate the pain .BOERICKE mentions in his Materia Medica remedy for gravel, renal colic – acts on the ureter – pain in lumbar region