Dec 2011|Vol 8|Iss 12

A Case of Lymphadenitis in HIV Patient


Dr. Pawan S. Chandak is a Homoeopathic Physician & Chief Editor of ‘Modern Homoeopathy' E-Newsletter. He can be contacted at 'Shradha' Vishnu Nagar, Basmat Road, Parbhani, Maharashtra - 431401


       A male aged 50 years, farmer by profession consulted me for the swelling in the neck. He was a known patient of HIV positive, who undergo treatment modern medicine. And he was under Anti Retroviral treatment. He was treated as Lymphoma and finally approached me. He is robust person with early greying of hairs, whitish complexion with a sturdy voice.

       The swelling is taut, immovable, no redness, not warm to touch. Right sided swelling larger about 6 – 7cm and left sided swelling 4 – 5 cm approximately. The swelling is painless, which was not bothering his daily routine.
He had reports of blood investigation: Hb – 12.9 gm% , TLC: 7000 /cmm, DLC – 64,35,01 /cmm , ESR – 16 mm/hr, Blood Sugar Random – 86mg/dl, and RFT showed Serum Urea – 36 mg/dl, Sr. Creatinine – 0.9 mg/dl and Positive for HIV since 2008

Past History:

       History of Recurrent formation of Renal Calculi treated with Homoeopathic Treatment.
       He was accidentally diagnosed before Surgery of Fracture of Femur.

Family History:

     No major illness pertaining to the genetic predisposition.
     Wife: HIV negative


Appetite: Decreased
Dietary Habits: Vegetarian
Thirst: Average 1glass/hr
Craving: Sweet++, Sour++.
Aversion: None.
Sleep: Normally sleeps 7-8hrs. With blanket covering up to neck.
Thermals: Bathing: Warm water whole year.
Covering: Thin covering whole year.
Fanning: Seasonal.
Thermal Reaction: Chilly.

Natural Eliminations:

Bowels: once a day daily, soft, satisfied
Urine: Pale, plenty, no particular odour.
Perspiration: Generalized on exertion, no staining.

General Examination:

Temperature: 98.6 F
Respiratory Rate: 25/min.
Pulse: 90/min.
Tongue: Clean, moist.
Teeth & Gums: Healthy.
Skin & Hair: Whitish, Healthy.
No pallor, icterus, cyanosis, clubbing

First prescription                               10-5-2010

     Phytolacca 30C , 4 pills, three times in a day for one month .


     The patient had responded well to the pathological prescription and quickly releived by the most similium. Phytolocca has affinitity over tonsils, lymphatics and breast . Many cases with proliferative and indurative pathologies respond to the homoeopathic treatment.