Dec 2012|Vol 9|Iss 12

A Case of Half spiritual Miasm- Dengue Fever


Dr.E.Prasanna Babu, BHMS
Venkateshwara Homoeo Clinic
No.18 A/ 1 Pattala Street, Toll gate
Chinna Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu - 631501


         A girl aged 16years came to my clinic with high grade temperature and multiple joint pain with severe headache since one day. The patient was pale and tired since two days.

   The fever had started with pain in all joints mainly lower back and knees with elbow joint. She had severe headache with shivering. Patient becomes thirst less. She looked very tired and sleepy.

Past history

   Typhoid fever at 2010 October

Family History

   Nothing significant

Physical general

.Appetite – Reduced with bitter taste mouth
.Thirst - Reduced
.Urine- Burning urination
.Stool- Soft, regular.
.Sleep- Disturbed

General Examination

Temp- 104.6.F
BP-110/70mm of Hg

Prescription and Follow Ups


            I selected PULSATILLA 200 based on the constitution and guiding symptoms thirstless during fever with shivering. The constitutional remedy which could abort the dynamic disease plane, hourlythe sequel of after effects of dengue fever. RHUSTOX 200 selected based on the symptomatalogy to tackle the loose stool during fever and pain in all joint pains. The causation also suspected to be after drenching in rain.The patient recovered safely.