Dec 2013|Volume 10|Issue 12
Dec 2013|Vol 10|Issue 12

Scientific Intuitions...

Dear readers,
       The art of prescription of every homoeopath differs applying the own insight learning and experience to treat a variety of prescriptions. Even though all physicians are successful in their practice, logical explanation of prescriptions is limited.

       We are happy to title this issue with “Scientific intuitions” which induce everyone to apply and understand the power of reasoning. We know that the Science is based on empirical formulas and parameters of investigations. As homoeopath ought to understand the scientific knowledge of the disease and medicine apply its sensations to the already established vital sensations in the body. Hence intuitive learning helps every homoeopath to bridge the gap between sensation and vital force.

     Such study can be applied each and every case besides pathological understanding. Such sensations can be interpreted by every homoeopath based on our organon of medicine. Even such sensations can be analyzed and prescribed on the basis of miasms.

     I am happy that some organisations came forward to hold such seminars exclusively to make every homoeopath on the new way of approach and enlightening the homoeopathy to the mainstream of medicines. Thus making the scientific community to understand the power of minimum dose.

     We are happy to announce that we are leaping to 11th year of publication. We thank all for your overwhelming support to our Journal. We assure you to serve better for welfare of our community with new innovations in the January issue. We already assured to publish Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy Practitioners Directory as a free supplement to January 2014 issue. We bring to your gentle remembrance that only subscribers will get a copy and backup copies will not be supplied.

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