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Dr. Alok Pareek, M.D(Hom)
     Dr. Alok Pareek, an internationally acclaimed teacher in homoeopathy has been active in practice since 1981. He is the head of the Modern Homeopathic Center in Agra. Besides his outdoor Homoeopathic Clinic, has an indoor Homoeopathic Hospital with 50 beds, where chronic patients are provided indoor facilities and preoperative and post operative treatment is given in Homoeopathy. Has Rural Homoeopathic Centre, where preventive and community health care is provided in homeopathy.

     Dr. Alok Pareek born in 1956 was awarded with gold medal for DHMS from the Nehru Homeopathic Medical College and hospital in New Delhi. Afterwards he spent time as PGR in the Lukas-hospital in Arlesheim, Switzerland. Later on, received his post graduation in India.

     He is the chairman of the Advisory Committee for Development of Ayurveda, Unani and Homoeopathic System of Medicine, Govt of UP. Research Secretary (International) for Asian Homoeopathic Medical League, Medical Inspector for Central Council of Homoeopathy - Govt. of India. Expert Member for Faculty of Homoeopathy University of Agra.

     Dr. Alok Pareek regularly conducts seminars on Applied Homeopathy in Europe, North America, Australia, Russia and in Asian countries. For the best scientific presentation on the occasion of the International Homeopathic Conference in New Delhi in February 1993 he received a high award.

     He has been elected as the first Asian Prime Vice President of LMHI in July 2013 for the next three years and was felicitated at the annual conference of the LMHI held at Ecuador, South America.

     He wrote a book on Homoeopathy for Acutes and Emergencies along with his father Dr.R.S.Pareek. He has also brought out several DVD’s about Homoeopathy in alliance with Dr.R.S.Pareek, Dr. A.U.Ramakrishnan, Harald Knauss, Rosina Sonnenschmidt etc. He is also regarded as the introducer of homoeopathy in several countries.

He can be contacted at

Pareek Hospitals Pvt. Ltd
177/189 Civil Lines
4/10, Bagh Farzana, Agra
Uttar Pradesh -282002
Phone: 91-562-2520071; 4037300
Fax: 91-562-2526100