Dec 2014|Volume 11|Issue 12
Dec 2014|Vol 11|Issue 12

Leaps 12th year ….

Dear Readers,
   HomoeoTimes completes eleven years and leaps forward successfully with very good number of subscribers. We are very much satisfied with drastic improvement in Journalism. We are successfully leap 12th year publication with great support and overwhelming response from you all. We hope that eleven successful years and prompt delivery is enough time to judge a Magazine!

     We are planning to introduce new themes and topics from the January 2014. Themes of every issue will be interesting for all readers, as it would focus on practical utility for the benefits of all categories in our system.
This year of focus will be on specialization of nosological name of the disease, first we had called papers on how to expertise in the treatment of Vitiligo ultimately aimed to inspire scientificity of Homoeopathy and inspire young budding homoeopaths.

   Now the cost of production is very high, reciprocally affect the journal to revise the rates. However board decided to levy any charges towards the subscribers and directed to print the text pages in double colour. Hence we are in position to revert the multicolour pages to double colour here after.

   We are also planning to introduce interviews, utility of rare drugs, case studies in the forth coming issues with the regular feature. We are planning the topics to guide and assist to Homoeopathic practice.

   We also assure that the online edition will be upgraded with special features such as video files to the news column and periodical updates in flash news and events. In this, the organizations have been requested to supply the video and brochures.

   The new concept in journalism brings the inert skills of a practitioner and students and researchers to make interest in reading. We are very happy to share our happiness with you all and thank for giving immense support to us.

with regards