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Dr. S. S. Jambaldinni, M.D(Hom)
     Dr. Shivaprasad Sidharam Jambaldinni is a well known academician and physician in our community. He is known for his dedicated service in teaching. He has been the most popular and genial teacher for hundreds of students who pursued their homoeopathic career at the Gulbarga College. His down to earth simplicity and honest allegiance services towards the patient is well remembered.

     Dr.S.S. Jambaldinni was born on 5th December 1952. He is the son of a well-known Hindustani vocalist Sidharam Jambaldinni. He had done his Under Graduation in January 1981 and Post graduation in Materia Medica from Gulbarga University in October 1999.

     He is serving in various positions at H.K.E.S Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Gulbarga since December 1983. He has retired from his service as Professor by December 2012. A few years ago during the scourge of Chickungunya he had worked day and night in providing treatment to hundreds of patients.

     He has served in various posts like BOS Member in Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Academic Council Member, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, LIC Member, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences November, LIC Chairman, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. He also served as Board Member in Union Public Service Commission. Recently he has been awarded and honoured by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences as the “Best Teacher” on the occasion of Teacher’s day celebration.

He can be contacted at

Dr.S.S. Jambaldinni
Plot no. 47, Guru Sharana Krupa
Chamundeshwari Nagar, Udnoor Road
Gulbarga, Karnataka-585 102
Ph: 08472-227356, 9845627778