Feb 2011|Vol 8|Issue 2


A Case of Warts



Warts is a very common ailment which can be treated successfully with dynamism without surgery. Here Dr.K.Savitha compiles and presents a case of warts treated successfully at AKP Homoeopathic Clinical Research Center.She can be contacted at AKP Homoeopathic Clinical Research Centre, 6 Lloyd's II Lane, Royapettah, Chennai -600014.


     A male aged 24 years presented with warty growths in the left side of the face just below the left ear and palms since one year. The lesions initially started from the index finger, later emerged to other areas. The lesions were hard; ash coloured with zigzagg margins in some indurations.

Treatment History
    Initially he tried Causticum advised by a internee nearby his home. His family physician advised for cauterization, but he was reluctant to it.

Past History
· Had vaccinations for all communicable disease in child hood.
· H/o fever with cold occasionally.
· Had chicken pox when 7 years old.
· H/o Tinea versicolor over trunk three years back.

Family History
· Paternal Grand father - Diabetic
· History of thyroid swelling for maternal aunt

Physical Generals
· Stature - Fair, tall, thin
· Appetite - Normal,
· Thirst - Normal,
· Stool - Regular
· Urine - Regular
· Sweat - Normal
· Sleep - Good
· Food Type - Non Vegetarian
· Has the habit of taking tea.

Mental Generals
    Mental, intellectual state of mind is very calm; Mingles easily with others.

First Prescription                                     26/11/04
     Thuja 1m tds
     Placebo for fifteen days.

Follow Up 1                                     25/12/04
No significant changes
          Thuja 1m tds
          Placebo for fifteen days.

Follow Up 2                                     22/01/05
Warts in the thumb disappeared.
Rx     Thuja 1m tds
        Placebo for fifteen days.


Follow Up 3                                     09/02/05
          Thuja 1m tds.
          Placebo for fifteen days.

Follow Up 4                                        05/03/05
All the growths vanished(Refer the photographs taken before and after treatment)

          Thuja 1M tds
          Followed with placebo for a month and stopped.

Thuja was prescribed here on understanding the miasmatic block, which was not responded to the pathological prescription of Causticum. The sycotic tendencies in the past and present lead to the prescription of Thuja and also gives confidence in selection by understanding the remedy as king of anti sycotic remedy.