Feb 2011|Vol 8|Issue 2

A Case of Koch's Lesion


Dr. Semparuthi .T, a leading physician practices at temple city Madurai, Tamil Nadu had contributed many articles, case studies with evidence based studies to the journals. He also presented papers in scientific seminars. He was graduated from Fr. Muller's Homoeopathy Medical College and post Graduation at Vinayaka Mission's Homoeopathy Medical College, Salem. He can be contacte at 22, Mariamman Koil Street,Goripalayam,Madurai.Ph : 94433 56971.Email : drsemparuthi@yahoo.com


      A male child aged 7 years consulted me for fever and he presented the following complaints
Fever since 6 days from evening till morning > taking Allopathic tablets

· Temperature ranging from 100 - 102 F usually > in morning Cough since 3 Days; dry deep sounding
· Decreased appetite
· Headache < fanning

Past history
      History of primary complex when he was 2 years old and treated with modern medicines

Family history       

      Nothing significant

Physical general
· Stature : Lean
· Appetite : Decreased
· Thirst : Drinks 200ml of water per day
· Stool : Regular
· Urine : Normal
· Sleep : Good
· Sweat : Normal
· Desire : Sweets, Chicken, Recent desire for cold drinks such as Torino, Sour Juice such as lemon or orange
· Aversion : Spicy, milk

Mental General
· Profound Mental Weakness.
· Keeps Quiet, feels dull, extremely weak with smile

General Examination
· Bronchial breath sound heard over infra clavicular & Para scapular region on the right side

· Total WBC count: 8,000 cell/cu.mm
· Differential Count
· Polymorphs - 54%
· Lymphocytes - 42%
· Eosinophil - 04%
· ESR 1/2hr - 15mm ;1 hr - 30mm
· X-Ray: Plain Chest PA view suggestive of Koch's Lesion (Refer Plate I and III)

Evaluation and Analysis
Following rubrics were taken for Repertorization

Repertorial Analysis

First Prescription                                     27.01.09
Phosphoric Acid 0/1- Dissolved in 100 ml of water - was advised to take one spoon every three hours until the temperature touches normal

Follow Up - 1                                           07.02.09
· Taken Phosphoric Acid 0/1 - 7 times with which Fever subsided in 48 hrs.
· Appetite improved from next morning
· Was active from morning
· Cough lasted for a week
· Had running nose
· Itching and redness of eyes
     Advised to continue placebo for three weeks

Follow Up - 2                                      23.03.09
Plain X ray reviewed and done impressing completely resolved consolidation. (Refer Plate II and IV)

      Phos acid was selected on the basis of thin lean constitution with mental prostration and craving sour fruit juice.