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Suppression needs attention...

Dear Readers,
       We thank the authors for their contribution on the title “Suppression…in Homoeopathy” We are unable to accommodate all the submissions since the allotted pages were limited, however they are wait listed and used in time.

         Hahnemann laid down the theory of suppression with its miasmatic suppression. The suppression of scabies leads to psora, Gonorrhoea to sycosis and syphilis to syphilitic miasms. Today we see clinically the most suppressed ailments in allergic dyscrasia. The suppression of allergic respiratory diseases ultimately presents an allergic skin manifestation.

       A case of allergic bronchitis, allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma usually gives the history of eczema, Urticaria in the past or genetic predisposition. It denotes that many auto immune diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis or reactive arthritis results from the iatrogenic causes and are difficult to handle. The hormonal indulgence and steroid therapy also brings another gate way in suppression

       Surgical removal of important organs also added fuel to the title. Hahnemann understood the state clearly the cells the functional unit of the body goes to irritability and sensibility, goes for induration and infiltration and finally desquamation of the tissues as mentioned in the Aphorism 74 of the Organon of Medicine. All these denotes the shifting of miasms

       So a homoeopath should understand thoroughly on the possibility of suppression in the history of the patient with an eye on present, past and genetic probing. If we arrive the thrive, then the case will be a easier and a suitable similimum will cure the entire illness which is prescribed on the totality of symptoms with an understanding on constitution and miasmatic background.

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