Feb 2012|Vol 9|Iss 2

A case of Psoriasis


Dr.S.Arul Manickam, BHMS presents here a case on Psoriasis. He can be contacted at Velumathi Classical Homoeo Clinic,Koothanallur, E-mail : manickhomoeo@gmail.com


         A girl aged thirteen years came to me with Psoriasis of upper body since 1 yr. Eruption especially head, face, chest, back, upper extremities with excessive whitish scaling ,intense itching <night, burning after scratching. Scaling more during summer. Head scaling was very offensive odour. (Refer Plate - I & III)

Patient as a person

        Owing to his complaints she feel neglected from her classmates, teachers .In the class room she was not allowed to sit with other children, she was not allowed to touch other children. Her classmates treated badly. Teachers allotted her separate place to sit in the classroom.

         She is well adjusted in her home with everyone; she easily burst out of crying when her mother scolded. She is very pleasing, lovable and kindhearted girl.

         When she was in her mother's womb, her mother decided to terminate the pregnancy because she already had 2 children, but her attempt ended in failure.

Physical generals

• Thermal: Can't tolerate summer, eruption <summer, fanning desire in all season.
• Sweat : Absent, inability to perspire.
• Sleep : sleepless due to itching and burning at night .
• Food and drinks : Desire-spicy, fish, potato.
• Aversion-Sweet, hot food and drinks.


         Forsaken feeling, Weeping easily, Yielding, Affectionate, Sympathetic,Hot patient, Inability to perspire, Desire: spicy, fish, potato., Aversion:sweet, hot drinks, Sycotic miasm, Itching<night, Psoriasis.

First Prescription                 9/5/10

     PULS 200/ one pill

Follow Up 1                    20/6/10

         Mentally she feels well. Eruption almost 75% reduced
         Itching reduced, sleep better. Offensive odour of head reduced


Follow Up 2                    17/10/10

         Eruption fully recovered. (Refer Plate - II & IV)



              The forsaken feeling was an inner core of this case, her mother wanted to terminate her pregnancy while she was in womb, so the theme of neglected feeling imprinted in her fetal life that was reflected in her later life. So pulsatila the sycotic remedy is covering the central theme and remaining part of the case. She was very much improved in short time with single, minute, similar, antimiasmatic homoeopathic medicine.