Feb 2012|Vol 9|Iss 2

A case of Erythema


Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharm is a research scholar, social worker, dedicated for the development of Homoeopathy. Here the author shares his experience with a case of erythema.He can be contacted at Homoeo Cure Research Centre P. Ltd., NH 74- Moradabad Road, Kashipur,Uttaranchal, India
Ph- 09897618594, E. mail: drrajneeshhom@hotmail.com


         A six months old child presented with an itchy spreading eruption in the gluteal region. The rash shows the typical features of cutaneous larva migrans.

       The rashes left a whitish patch on right buttock. Perhaps his bare buttock has come in contact with sand or soil contaminated by the dog or cat hookworm in animal faeces.

       Itching was severe. Eruptions looking like variola appearing along a line, as Herpes zoster does, but as if sparing the nerve branches.


       The child was very irritable, impatient child.
       She recently received vaccinations.

First prescription                      10-10-2011

        Variolinum 200 one dose
        Sac lac twice daily

Follow Up 1                             20-10-2011

Almost same condition.
        Variolinum 200 one dose
        Sac lac twice daily

Follow Up 2                             01-11-2011

Much better
        Sac lac twice daily

Follow Up 3                             11-11-2011

Cured (Refer Plate Before & After)
No medicine.


         Vaccine poison is capable of setting up a morbid state of extreme chronicity, named by Burnett Vaccinosis, symptoms like those of Hahnemann's Sycosis. Neuralgias, inveterate skin eruptions, chilliness, indigestion with great flatulent distension (Clark). Whooping-cough. The mind is Irritable, impatient illhumored, nervous. The skin is hot and dry. Pimples and blotches. Eruption like variola.