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Clinical Verification of Arsenicum Album

Dr.P.Mukundan is a leading practitioner practices at steel city Salem, in Tamil Nadu. He had authored many scientific articles and presented papers in scientific seminars. He also participated in public awareness programs and free medical camps, rendering great service to the development of Homoeopathy. He persuaded his basic homoeopathic studies from Government Homoeopathy Medical College and done his post graduation at Vinayaka Mission’s Homoeopathy Medical College, Salem. He can be contacted at Harish Homoeo Clinic, Lucky Towers, 15, Permanur Main Road,Four Roads,Salem,Tamil Nadu - 636007

Respected dignitaries on the dais and my dear friends

             As we all know coping with psoriasis is a challenge, if the disease covers a large area of the body or if it is in exposed parts. The persistent nature of the disease and treatment challenges only adds to the burden. Psoriasis is observed as inherited disorders in some cases and auto-immune disorder in many cases. In this paper, 40 randomly selected cases of psoriasis in my clinical practice were taken for the study. After analysing the case thoroughly, the whole totality of the case was considered for the selection of the remedy. Some cases were treated with key-note prescription successfully and many cases were approached constitutionally on the basis of totality of symptoms and on anti-miasmatic principles which is well documented. In my clinical experience, it was clearly observed that Arsenicum Album cured many cases of psoriasis, prescribed on the basis of Homoeopathic philosophy.

Now we will go to the cases in a nutshell....

In this Case No.1, A well built male aged about 58 years with palmar plantar psoriasis of 7 years duration presented with following symptoms.

             Thickening of skin in palms and soles with deep cracks, itching < at night, restlessness, waking from sleep several times due to itching and pain, <during winter and >by keeping in warm water. Past history of recurrent abscess in his limbs in his teenage. He was anaemic, general debility was there, desires hot drinks and warm food ,thirst was excessive, sleep disturbed due to pain in cracks with itching , workaholic in nature. Mentally alert but physically weak and tired. Perfectionist, very neat and tidy in his dress. Anxious about his complaints. The whole totality of symptoms of arsenicum album exactly fit to the symptoms of the patient. Arsenicum album in infrequent doses cured the case within 6 months ie, 2.12.2005 -26.5.2006.

Dr.P.Mukundan, a pioneer homoeopath from Salem, Tamil Nadu presented a paper on Clinical

Verification of Arsenicum Album at LIGA Congress, held at New Delhi on 1- 4 December 2011

We can see photographs....
• Thickened skin with deep cracks on soles. He was not able to walk properly.
• This is the cured condition.
• Both soles are affected with severe psoriasis, plantar psoriasis and we can see that deep cracks and thickening of skin of both palms with swelling and inflammation.
• You can see the result of arsenicum album.

          In this case actually he had past history of recurrent abscess in his teenage and the anti miasmatic drug brought back the suppressed condition and cured his skin condition also. His general condition also improved well and till then there is no recurrence. Almost 6 years gone and to evaluate the homoeopathic prevalence of any case, as clarity of symptoms can be in the sense of well being.

          Deep acting antimiasmatic drugs by its typical action remove the layers of suppression. The totality of symptoms cannot said to be total unless and until it covers the miasm.

We will go to the second case,
          A lady aged about 20 years, air and lean had patches of thick scales all over the body, limbs and scalp. She was unable to flex her limbs fully as the deep cracks with bleeding surfaces were painful. She was totally dejected and vexed about her complaints. She had intense itching at night. It was >by hot water bathing. She used to wake up at midnight due to burning pain in the patches. She had pain in the left knee joint of 6 months duration which was < by initial movements. She use to get frequent attacks of cold when she was a child. She preferred hot food and hot drinks. She was irritable and short tempered. History of suicidal attempts twice, when there was severe < of complaints.

We can see the photographs...........

The whole scalp and forehead affected with severe psoriasis
You can see the whole face, ear, neck and back region even affected with scales.
And the whole back is affected with scales and you can see the result.

          Dry skin with itching is of psoric in nature. Thickening with excessive exfoliation is sycotic in nature. Suicidal attempts and deep cracks with bleeding are of syphilitic nature and arsenicum album which is a trimiasmaitic drug cured the case permanently. Treatment period was between 1.4.99-23.7.99.Till now there is no recurrence, almost 11 years gone.

The case number 3 illustrates....

         A lady aged about 38 years was suffering from psoriasis for many years. She had intense itching and burning which was <by cold water bathing and >by warm water application. This key-note symptoms lead to the selection of arsenicum album and infrequent doses of arsenicum album cured the case permanently.

• Here you can see the whole back is affected even you can see the patches in the forearm.
• ....the cured condition.
• ....hands and abdomen.
• ....the cured condition

In this case number four....

A boy aged 12 years suffering from palmo-plantar psoriasis for past 3 years. He had deep cracks in the beginning with severe pain. He was restless in the clinic and changed his place every now and then. He was lean and physically weak and tired and had aversion to food with nausea while eating. He had a tendency for recurrent cold attacks. All these characteristics of patient were in favour of Arsenic Album, which almost cured his psoriasis and he is now physically an active boy going to school regularly. He was absent from school for many months previously. The medicines were stopped since 5 months and the case is being observed. Why i said the case is being observed because we have to observe the case for minimum 3-5 years for any recurrence. We can see the palms with the deep cracks and bleeding surfaces. You can see the result of Arsenicum album.

...............both the hands are affected
..............result of arsenicum album

         A multidimensional study reveals that in many cases of psoriasis Arsenicum Album was well indicated and cured psoriasis. Out of 40 randomly selected cases of psoriasis observed, nearly 18 cases ie, almost 45% of cases responded to Arsenicum Album. Most of them were totally cured, seems recurrence of condition was absent for more than 5-10 years as observed.

         In Hahnemann’s words natural chronic diseases are those which arise from chronic miasm. When left to themselves improper treatment prone to grow worse and torment the patient till the end of his life.

Dr.K.Rajendran , Chairman of the session ,Dr. Sampath Kumar, Co chairman

of the session , issuing participation certificate to Dr.P.Mukundan

         Dr.H.A.Robert says psoriasis has been called the king of all the three miasms, predominantly of psoric and sycotic. Kent in his lectures greatly enlarged up the theory proposing that psora was the foundation of all other illness without which mankind will be so pure and healthy both in mind and body. The physical eruptions can be syco-psoric or tri-miasmatic. The dryness of psora,the thickened skin of sycosis and the squamous character of syphilis,but many of sycotic manifestation are due to thickening of skin and exfoliative tendency.Arsenicum album is a trimiasmatic and constitutional medicine which helps to clear up the suppression, the presenting symptom from its root.The susceptibility of psoriasis or any other disease and there by strengthening the constitution.Materia medica symptoms of arsenicum album which exactly fit to symptoms of patients cure such difficult cases which are considered as incurable.Still there are some drugs which come up in our mind ,we can say Ars alb ,Ars iodide ,Sulph,Calc-Carb ,Lyco,petroleum ,Kali-sulph,mezerium,sepia ,staphisagria ,So many drugs will come up in our mind,but often indicated drug of choice may be or will be Arsenicum Album.The symptom similarity accepts and material medica symptoms and efficacy of Arsenicum Album in many cases of psoriasis are well proved and verified on clinical practice. People with psoriasis need some constitutional medicine based on anti miasmatic principle that will lead to effective management and rapid gentle and permanent cure.

Transcribed by Dr. Vineetha Anand