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Dr.Girendra Pal
     Dr. Girendra Pal is a well known senior, eminent homoeopath in India, known to all for his academic and clinical contributions. His services are recognized as a great achievement in establishing the Homoeopathy University at Jaipur. He is president and Vice chancellor of the Homoeopathy University.

     He started his career as principal of Dr.M.P.K. Homoeopathic Medical College and served as President and Secretary of the management. Later he served as dean, faculty of Homoeopathy, University of Rajasthan. He also served as senate member, member of academic council and as a syndicate member.

Dr.Girendrapal had his basic medical studies Graduate in Homoeopathy Medicine and Surgery, later he completed his Post Graduation. He has 50 years experience in teaching, served as post graduate guide for twenty years and clinically experienced for more than 50 years.

    He was associated with CCRH, served as project director and published reports on various research papers. He has participated in many international conferences. He travelled wide abroad and also organized many conferences.

    He served as member of Central council for Homoeopathy, Governing body member of National Institute of Homoeopathy and various committees of CCRH, CCH and state boards.
He served as examiner for osmania,Agra, Bihar, Kanpur, Nagpur,Cuttak,Kerala,Rajasthan,Calcutta, Sardar Patel Universities.

He can be contacted at

Homoeopathy Bhavan,
Chitrakut Marg, Tagore Nahgar,
Phone: 9414078080
Email: drpalg@yahoo.co.in

- Dr. K.Savitha