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Dr. Philippe Servais, MD
     Dr. Philippe Servais is a well known homoeopath in France. He received his Doctor of Medicine in 1973. His first contact with homeopathy in 1970 was with Dr. Lincz close to Schmidt and Kunzli, where he became the pupil. He practices as homeopath unicist in Paris since 1978. He is the President for France, Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI)

     He has always been avid about clinical research and founded GEHU (Studies of classical homeopathy Group) in 1986 of which he is President. He has been involved for a very long time with the Homoeopathia Europea & Internationalis, whose he is now the General Secretary. This association has instructed more than two thousand homeopaths world-wide and divides its activities between theoretical and clinical studies within multi-national groups and international meetings.

     Dr. Servais created the Italian-French group ANASTRA (analyses and strategies) that finalized the production of CHIP (Computerized Homeopathic Information and Research Program). This computer program allows one to enter and collect clinical cases from colleagues around the world and place them into a central data bank accessible through the Internet.

     One of the 'Concepts' books in RADAR homeopathic software was created by Dr. Servais. Concepts help the homeopath to translate the language of the patientinto the language of the repertory.

     At present he teaches at the Paris-INHF. He has also taught at the Faculty of Medicine of Bobigny and the Faculty of Pharmacy of Montpellier. He continued a series of lectures in the "Love the INHF" on polychrests.

     He is the author of the book "The choice of Homeopathy" (Denol). He translated into French "Hahnemann and Homeopathy" Harris Coulter (Homeoden).He is the creator and director of the book "Larousse of Homeopathy" (2000). He authored book for the general public “Le choix de l'homéopathie”, at Denoel in March 1992. He has just published "Homeoportraits" and "What unicist Homeopathy?" (J.Lyon)

He can be contacted at

18, Rue Littre, J75, Paris 75006
Phone: +33(0)1454409 83
Fax: +33(0)145447212
Email: servais@club-internet.fr