Feb 2014|Vol 11|Iss2

A case of ovarian cyst and fibroid uterus


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     A female aged 42 years presented irregular periods since six months. She underwent check up which revealed cyst in the ovary and a fibroid (Refer plate I and II). She switched over to homoeopathic treatment when the Gynacologistist advised her to undergo surgery

Past History

     Cold, cough fever occassionaly
     H/o Tonsilitis in childhood
     Had vaccination for all communicable diseases
     Had been treated for low back pain the MRI suggested disc lesions.

Family History
     Father had Hypertension
     Mother underwent Hystrectomy for myoma of the uterus

Physical Generals

Complexion - Fair
Stature - Normal
Frame – Obese
Appetite - Normal
Thirst - Normal
Stool - Normal
Urine - Normal
Sweat – Profuse in Armpits ,nape of the neck
Sleep - Normal
Food Type - Vegetarian
Desires for sweet, salty
Has the habits of tea, coffee,

Mental Generals

     Mental, intellectual state of mind is anxious, very sensitive and emotional

Menstrual History

     Menarche at the age of 14th year. Periods are irregular, 1-10 days, Pain during menstruation

Obstetric History

     Married, Has 1 son and Delivery was under caesarian

General Examination

     B.P: 120/80 mmof Hg
     Weight: 78 Kgs

Evaluation of Symptoms

• Periods irregular,profuse, prolonged
• Cyst in the right ovary with Fibroid in the uterus
• Pain in lowback
• Mother had fibroids
• Fair ,obese
• Sweat profuse in armpits,Nape of the neck
• Desires sweets,salty
• Sensitive, Emotional,Irritable


     Ovarian Cyst with Fibroid Urerus

Maismatic Diagnosis


First prescription                20-06-2013

     Thuja lm tds
     Pl for 14 days

Follow UP 1                          04-07-2013
Pain in right groin
Right knee pain ++
Intermitant bleeding
Nitric Acid 200 tds
Followed with Pl for 14 days

Follow Up 2                          23/08/13
No complaints
Thujalm tds
Followed with Pl for 14 days

Follow Up 3                          21.01.2014
No complaints
USG revealed “Normal Uterus and Ovaries (Refer Plate III and IV)


       Even though the Totality of symptoms makes one to think possibly Calc Carb which fits constitutionally additionally, miasmatic understanding of the case gives quick result. The constitution of the patient expresses the proliferative tendency through the past history. Hence the surface, dominent miasm is Sycosis. Thuja is prefered in high potency and further consideration of acute symptoms on sycotic understanding gives immense relief to the patient. The patient is still continuing for final prescription on psoric to complete the radical cure.