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Feb 2015|Volume 12|Issue 2
Feb 2015|Vol 12|Issue 2

HMA writes to Director General of Police not to Harass Registered Homoeopaths


          KANYAKUMARI. JAN.8: The Homoeopathic association of Tamil Nadu had made a plea to not to harass the Registered Homeopathy Doctors under Quackery Eradication program. Recently the police had arrested Bogus Doctors in many districts in Tamil Nadu. Police had entered many qualified homoeopaths clinic assuming false opinion on mere possession of diagnostic equipments like B.P apparatus, Stethoscope and thermometer is practice of allopathic medicine. These had made a panic among the community and rivals had taken opportunity to victimizing a practicing homoeopath. Dr.R.Vijayakumar, President and Dr.S.Ann Vetha, Secretary had appealed to the Director General of Police stating that the qualified Homoeopaths were trained with Anatomy, physiology, Microbiology. Forensic Medicine, Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics and Gynecology. According to the provisions of law a qualified Homoeopath can posses all diagnostic equipments. Rule 21(1) a qualified Homoeopath can perform surgery and postmortem in a approved institution.

        According to the Central Council of Homoeopathy regulation 1982 chapter III sec 12(4) a registered Homoeopathy Practitioner shall use any drugs prepared according the principles of Homoeopathy and adopt other necessary masseurs as required. The central council for Homoeopathy issued a notification in news paper on 13.11.2014.Under the code of ethics, amendments published on 12 July 2014 Government of Gazette in which a Registered medical practitioner can issue all certificates required under Indian evidence act. According to The Tamilnadu Homoeopathy system of medicine and practitioners of Homoeopathy act 1971 section 30(1), says that
“No court shall take cognizance of any offence punishable under this act except on complaint in writing made by the registrar” and Honourouble court also o passed order on 11/02/2011 that police should not interfere the practice of any Registered Medical practitioner. Under these circumstances it is prayed your good self, kindly take note of this matter and instruct the police authorities, not to interfere institutionally qualified and Registered as “A” class Homoeopathic Medical practitioners, in the name of quackery eradication.