Feb 2019|Volume 16|Issue 2
Feb 2019|Vol 16|Issue 2

Homoeo Times …Clinical Assistant

     We thank for the submissions for the exclusive title “ Simillimum in Rheumatoid Arthritis” We are in receipt of many submissions ,however the best selected for theme coverage and avoided repetition. We are also in receipt of many Clinical Experiences and Case studies with evidence based documents.

     We are happy to receive the evidence based case studies, which is core of the Journal, which could inspire the young medicos and budding students. We received many appreciations, reciprocally shown by subscription inputs and online edition www.homoeotimes.com page counts
We have informed formally that Homoeotimes had created great input among younger generations for opening new clinic and career options from different sources.
We are happy that many students had participated the MEDI QUIZ 2019 session with many enthusiasms. Many colleges from north and south had participated with long continued support and their interest. We are sure that this quiz enriches the students with formal way.
We had postponed the publication of new column” Applied Organon “ which was declared earlier since space not available, indeed the Column” Hunting Rubrics” had received more appreciations among readers.
We thank all for long continued support for the past 15 years. We request the same by contributing by the way of submissions to develop and uplift our wonderful system of healing ! Let us march for the best!