Jan 2018|Volume 15|Issue 1
Jan 2018|Vol 15|Issue 1

…Hope for the best!

Dear Readers,

       We are pioneering and leaping 15th year of publication with overwhelming response. We thank all for your esteemed, continued support to excel best for the development of Homoeopathy. We are thankful to authors, Clinicians, faculties and students for their submissions.

     The universe started realizing the facts on Homoeopathy that is the best and safest system medicine without side effects. Many prefer Homoeopathy when the hope is limited in complete eradication without side effects. Scientific application of immunology, allowing the body battle against the disease on its own had been realized by many now days
     Even though the scope of Homoeopathy is limited in emergencies, lots of acute and chronic disease is quite amenable to treatment and total annihilation. Physician had endorsed their clinical evidences on wide variety of illnesses. It is our prime duty to serve the humanity with more happiness
     We should thank the Government for their immense support in education, Clinical services through Government dispensaries and constituting the AYUSH Health Mission for promotion of each and every System.      ssThe state governments are supported for various promotional activities in the AYUSH systems
Homoeopaths should come forward to utilize these activities by the campaign programs which enable the rural development and promotion of our system. These shall be effectively materialized by the help of Colleges and non governmental organizations.
     We have titled this year “Derma 2018” to bring more inputs on skin complaints. We request you all to contribute cases studies with evidence based studies. Let us march for the best!
Wish you happy New year