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Ronald D. Whitmont
   Ronald D. Whitmont is renowned physician for holistic Medicine. He is the president of the American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH) is the oldest national medical association in the United States. He was certified in Internal Medicine in 1995. He maintains offices in New York City, and Rhinebeck, New York. His practice emphasizes a rational approach to restoring and maintaining health through safe, effective and gentle means. Dr. Whitmont utilizes homeopathic medicines through a classical system of medical therapeutics.

     Ronald D. Whitmont’s approach incorporates the best of medical scientific knowledge with a thorough grounding in proven holistic therapies.Dr. Whitmont’s practice is about caring for the whole person, body and mind. Caring for the emotional, as well as the physical needs of individuals, is accomplished in many ways by listening carefully to each person’s history and by individually designing treatment strategies to utilize the best, safest, non-toxic modalities possible.
     Dr. Whitmont works to help each individual utilize many different modalities in the treatment of illness and the restoration of health including:Classical Homeopathic Medicine, Meditation, Relaxation, Response, Visualization,Diet and Nutritional Counseling,Lifestyle Changes,Psychological and Emotional Counseling,Exercise and Physical Activity,Stress Reduction,Weight Loss

     Dr. Whitmont treats a wide range of illnesses and provides healthy lifestyle counseling and illness prevention strategies over a wide range of conditions.Dr. Whitmont is trained in, but does not practice Internal Medicine or Holistic Medicine. His practice is limited to Classical Homeopathic Medicine.Dr. Whitmont is trained in, but does not practice Internal Medicine

He can be contacted at

6250 Route 9, Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Phone: 845-876-6323
e-mail: homeopathicmd@gmail.com,