January 2010 | Vol 7 | Issue 1

January 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 1

Happy New Year!

Dear Readers,

    Wish you very Happy New Year! Homoeotimes leaps 7th year of publication successfully with overwhelming response from readers. The growth has doubled for the last two years and circulation has reached all states in India.


    HomoeoTimes strives hard to bring the scientific efficacy of Homoeopathy to the world. Homoeotimes give importance to the practical research part and papers on clinical evidence has become an eye opener for budding homoeopaths. We received comments that the journal gives immense practical knowledge and guidelines to upgrade the clinical out put.

    Forum is the new arrival for this year concept and many interesting topics will be titled for every month. We start with the topic “Coffee antidotes Homoeopathic Medicines?” A common query that we come across with patients. An exclusive forum was organized by the journal and the outputs are transcribed here and also available in the internet “you tube” by which the entire thing has been hosted.

    The quiz results for the year 2009 has been announced Photo Quiz and Diagnostic Quiz winners will receive Gold in a public awareness program soon at Chennai. We congratulate all the participants for their enthusiastic participation and Homoeo times wishes you to continue to upgrade your knowledge and reap the fruit.
We thank all the supporters for giving immense support to us.

With regards
Dr. R. Gnanasambandam