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January 2010 | Vol 7 | Issue 1

January 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 1

Coffee is Obstacle to cure!


Dr. Sumit Paliwal B.H.M.S
Lecturer, Shri. R.N.S.Homoeopathic Medical college,
Gormi Bhind (M.P)
Mobile 9981898968
E-mail: sumitpaliwal09@gmail.com

        Homoeopathy advocates the application of minute doses of medicine for the treatment of disease.
    Considering this minute dose of medicine it is necessary that everything which can have any medicinal action should be removed from the Diet & Regimen of the patient during the treatment, so that the small dose may not the overwhelmed and extinguished or disturbed by any foreign medicinal irritant.

       Such foreign medicinal irritants are therefore act as Obstacle to the Path of Cure. On this basic principle, the diet and regimen of the patient is to be considered. Such controlled Diet & Regimen should prevent the disturbance of the action of the medicine prescribed.

       To explain this Hahnemann gives a philosophical example in F.N.S. 259/1 which is as follows.
    “The softest tones of a distant flute that in the still mid night hours would inspire a tender heart with exalted feelings and dissolve in religious estasy are in audible and powerless amid discordant cries and noise of day.”