January 2010 | Vol 7 | Issue 1

January 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 1

A Case of Nasal Polyp


Dr. J. Asokan M.D (Hom)
Reader, Department of Materia Medica
R.V.S Homoeopathic Medical College

       A male patient aged 32 years came to RVS Homoeopathy Medical College, Out Patient Department for complaints of nose block and loss of smell since two years. He had watery discharges with excoriation in the nostrils which made him to rub constantly. He also had loose stools without any traceable cause.
    On Examination the nose semitransparent, a soft fleshy mass occupying whole nasal cavity and it is painless, movable. Refer the plate I

    Evaluation of Symptoms
    1. Mind Fear of serious disease
    2. Sweets desire
    3. Fat desire
    4. Diarrhoea < cold weather
    5. Nasal polyp

    Repertorial Analysis
    Calc. Carb, Nitric Acid were the choice

    First Prescription 6.08.2009
    Nitric Acid 10M / 1 dose
    SL for 10 days
    Follow Up 1 15.08.2009

    The patient felt better. Nose obstruction completely relieved the fleshy mass in the nose not seen. Refer the Plate II
    Saclac- 2 weeks

    Follow Up 2 02.09.2009
    The Patient improved as a whole no tendency for diarrhoea and catching cold.
    The patient is now under the long interval follow-up with good improvement in all complaints.