January 2012|Volume9|Issue 1
Jan 2012|Vol 9|Issue 1


Homoeopathy ... New Era


Very warm New Year Greetings to all!
       We are celebrating this New Year with full of enthusiasm in Education, practice and mind-broadening experiences in knowledge. Homoeo times completes 8th year of publication successfully with great improvement in Journalism reaching the all Homoeopathic community with large number of subscribers today.

         We are quite satisfied with the feedback that Homoeotimes satisfies the all areas of Homoeopathic fraternity, feeding with Articles, Clinical experiences, Case studies with evidence based documents, updated informations, latest news, focus and quiz programs.

       This year we assure you to give new themes within a small change, the Podium. It covers the transcription of pioneer speeches, lectures. Preference will be given to the evidence based studies. We hope this will give immense pleasure to the readers to enrich their knowledge.

       We had introduced a new theme exclusive for Student “Drug Picture”. This will be an auto biography of the drugs, mainly invited from the students on polycrest drugs with suitable sketches. We hope this would help the students to involve deeply in the Materia Medica and also an interesting part for every body.

       This year we are coming up with we new columns and the quiz program has been declared for the student’s community, encouraging all students to participate without any bounding restrictions to facilitate the distant states through electronic media.

       We congratulate the student for active participation in the quiz programs. Homoeo Times congratulate Ms. Ambika Srivastav for wining the Gold Coin and will be distributed in a function organized by organizations. We invite all students to participate in the Medi Quiz 2012 competition and try to win the Gold Coin and Similimum Award

with regards