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Dr. Jose Matuk Kanan

       Dr.Jose Matuk Kanan is well known Homoeopath all over the world. He positions as president of the prestigious international organization Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis. This organization is also known by its abbreviation LMHI. The main office of this society is situated in Berlin, Germany.

       In the year 1925, this association was founded. LMHI is the voice and face of homeopathic physicians from over 70 countries all around the globe. The aim of this organization is to grow and protect the discipline of homeopathy universally by uniting certified homeopaths possessing medical diplomas along with societies as well as people who are involved in homeopathy.     

      Dr. Jose Matuk was born in Mexico City. He studied medicine at the Faculty of Medicine in the "Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico "(UNAM). He studied Homeopathy at the School "Homeopata de Mexico", an institution with official registration for Homeopathy, and had different activities in the school, as President, Director of the School, and Treasurer. Dr. Matuk is the President of the Board at the "Collage of Homeopata de Mexico”. He teaches different courses in Homeopathic Doctrine, Materia Medica Homeopatica, Repertory, History, and Miasmatic Clinic.

      In 1999, Dr. Matuk became member of the Board at the "College of Homeopatia de Medicos Universitarios". Until today, he has been the leader and a teacher of the Seminars in Homeopathy Internationalis in different work groups. He is also member of the College of "Colegio Cientifico de Medicos Homeopatas de Mexico".
Dr. Matuk translated Dr. Samuel Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine, 5th and 6th edition, into Spanish. In the LMHI, Dr. Matuk has gained a lot of experience; he has been working for more than 17 years in different functions, starting as the National Vice President for Mexico (as assistance).

1995-1998 Secretary for Propaganda
1998- 2002 Secretary for Public Relations
2002-2004 Secretary for Archives,
2004-2007 Prime General Secretary
2007- 2010 Prime Vice President
2010 elected President of the LMHI

He can be contacted at

Dr. Jose Matuk Kanan
Cuenca 87
Col Alamos
Cp 03400
Mexico D.F.
E-Mail: president@lmhint.net

- Dr. K.Savitha