Jan 2012|Vol 9|Iss 1

A case of Cholelithiasis


Dr. Sundari Sembaruthi is a leading clinician serving the temple town in south India, Madurai. She had authored articles, presented papers, participated in public awareness programs. Here she presents a case of Endometrial Hyperplasia. She can be contacted at : MAC Homoeo Clinic, 202, Naicker New Street, Madurai: 625001, Ph: 0452-2630503, Mobile: 9443529494, Email: sundari_dr@yahoo.co.in


         A lady aged 40 years had pain abdomen since 2 months. The pain was constant and felt over right hypochondrium. Pain < spicy food . She received injections to palliate

Past history

         Sinusitis for many years

Family history

        She is one of the twins. One of the twins died in childhood, consanguineous marriage

Menstrual history

        Her periods were regular usually lasts for 2 days with scanty flow. She doesn’t remember her menarche age.

Obstetric history

        4 children, one died after one month survival

Physical generals

• Appetite: Now reduced; usually can’t tolerate hunger, feels giddiness, fainting
• Thirst : 200ml/time, 2 liters /day
• Sleep : Sleeplessness since 4 months. Wakes at 4am.
• Stool : Regular
• Urine : Normal
• Sweat : Profuse all over when in tension. Stains white.
• Desires : Warm foods, spices, sour, fish++, mutton++
• Aversion : Strong odours-
• Intolerance: Potatoes and plantain <es eructation
• Thermal: desires fanning in low speed, Cannot tolerate cold. CHILLY


        Headache < sun exposure,Aversion crowded area,She has disgust to sweat smell of others.She has aversion to petrol, diesel smell+++, leaves that place. She has aversion also to scent smell++.Palpitation++ < sudden noise, sudden death news and seeing accidents in televisions Loud noise of televisions makes her irritable+++

Life space

        She is the youngest of family. She has one elder brother. She is illiterate. She is good in giving suggestion. She used to guide her husband in all matters. She was once admitted in ICU for one day as she suddenly fainted at home- 2 times 1 yr back when her husband was alive. Her husband died of interstitial lung disease 6 months back. It was a great shock to her. Now often tells that better to commit suicide than living like this. All relatives of her are avoiding her. One year back itself she had mental worry coz 1st daughter’s mother-in-law tortured her daughter, so she was sick since then. Only for the sake of husband and to live with her husband, she left all her relatives including her siblings. She is very courageous. Once decided then she will do it. Now she has loathing of life and vexed after the death of her husband. She does not want to worship God. When she consulted a gastroenterologist, she was advised to undergo cholecystectomy as early as possible, as she has multiple calculi, in distal end and also in cystic duct. Now she worries whether her complaints will get cure or not.


        She is sympathetic ++. Don’t calculate in anything, help much for others. She gets anger rarely. She gets anger when children not obeying her, she shouts at them. She gets palpitation during anger. In spite of sickness, she works actively, diligent. When seeing any fight scenes or sad scenes, she can’t tolerate. So, she avoids it. She feels disgust on seeing any injured person. She wants basic neatness. Introvert. She never went anywhere alone, Wants Company. Never shares her worry with others. Don’t mingle with others easily. She thinks and decides. She is adjustable.


        Scan report dated 05.10.09: Gall bladder is moderately distended and shows multiple calculi of size ranging from 5 to 8 mm. Wall thickness is minimally increased. Common bile duct is dilated, measures 7mm and shows calculus measuring 5mm at the distal end. Cystic duct shows calculi.

Analysis and Evaluation

1 MIND - LOATHING - life, of
2 MIND - HORRIBLE things, sad stories affect her profoundly
4 MIND - SUICIDAL disposition - courage, but lacks

First Prescription                 6. 10. 2009

        CHINA 200 1D