Jan 2012|Vol 9|Iss 1


Clinical evidences on Skin Diseases


     When speak about skin disease, the most common skin disease that chatter our mind is Allergy. The clinical manifestation of allergy is presented as an Urticaria, Allergic Dermatitis and Eczema. In my early days of practice I happened to treat a case severe Urticaria, which was a sequel of drug allergy. A male patient aged 33 years old after receiving an injection suddenly went to anaphylactic shock regained with certain emergency medicines, but the urtucaria not stopped. When he approached me, my immediate selection of remedy was Sulphur and potency was 6C. Patient was comfortable within 30 minutes and the medicine was repeated every two hours. After an year he rushed to me and I repeated the same which responded very quickly and I asked him to take Sulphur 1m in monthly interval for few months. Now the patient told after several years that I am totally all right.

         Next I treated a case of Eczema, a male aged 78 years was suffering from severe itching and oozing of skin in both the legs since fifteen years. He tried all topical medications, oral medications from all systems of medicine but ended in vain. Finally he opted for Homoeopathic treatment. Initially he had rashes in the both legs, gradually matted together to form small vesicles. Oozing, Itching was a terrible symptom, he scratched until it bleeds. The characteristic of the discharge while consulting was watery and slimy; has no odour. It gave a dry and leathery appearance. The characteristic modality < in winter differentiated from the remedy Graphites and derived me to prescribe Petroleum 200C. Initially the patient presented with severe itching and oozing but later the patient was better within a year. There are more cases on contact dermatitis and urticaria

        This ultimately forced to treat the psoriasis cases most of them found successful with polycrest drugs

Leucoderma and vitiligo

        My first case of Leucoderma was a boy who was aged 12 years presented white discoloration of fingers developed after burns. The fire accident happened during bursting crackers on the occasion of deepavali festival. The boy responded to Arsenicum Alb 1M which was selected on the causation chemical poisoning. The boy showed rapid improvement within three months of duration.

         I voluntarily called one boy aged 12 years who had been suffering with white discoloration of lips since 5 years and gave him Nitric Acid 200. The remedy was selected on the basis of sphere of action. He had shown improvement after one year.
         A girl aged 16 was suffering from white discoloration of the skin in face, waist, around nipples since three years. The lesion appeared on her left nipple and spread to other parts of the body. The lesions are well defined with lines and the borders with brown areas of demarcation. The affected areas were white, milky in colour. Additionally she had headache < sun exposure with tendency to catch cold easily. Initially I prescribed Natrum Mur 200 based on the symptomatology. Then my follow up prescription was Arsenicum Album 1M since the girl gave me history of insect bite which gave complete relief to the patient.


         We studied and heard that Thuja is a wonderful medicine for warty granulations. One of my friends, veterinary surgeon had treated successfully with this medicine in his practice. I happened to treat a girl aged 8 years who presented warts on her face was benefited with Thuja 200.This was the first case in my practice.

         A girl aged 17 years presented warty granulations over her both arms since one year. The warts are serrated, irregular, only on the fore arms. The location of warts called for the prescription of Dulcamera, later Thuja 1m considering the clinical experience, the patient was benefited with clean hands

Hair loss

         Cosmetology is one of the branch which is related to dermatology. Many neglect this area of treatment, but reality shows excellent growth in field medicine. Initially when I was told by a patient that he was benefited for hair loss with Homoeopathic treatment; I surprised but I prescribed Acid Phos 200 for his friend. Later many patients came to me for hair loss and found successful. I took special interest in referring Boreicke Materia Medica and found many medicines. One of senior told, Acid Phos Q 5 drops thrice daily benefits hair loss. Later I happened to treat many alopecia areata cases which responded to Acid Phos, Acid Flour, Phosphorus, Natrum Mur, Selenium, Thalium

       Eventually the involvement dragged to the allied complaints of Hair loss, Poly Cystic Ovaian Disease with Hirsutism and Female pattern Baldness, later in the treatment of Thyroid Disorders successfully.


         A patient aged about 45 years was troubled with eruptions all over the body. He had been treated with various systems and finally opted our system of medicine. The eruptions are covered with pus and in some places they were clued together with blood. The patient is very hypertensive and hurried in nature .The totality derived me to prescribe Hepar Sulph 6 tds and Silicea IM at monthly interval. I remembered from Dr. Kopikkar’s sayings that Gun Powder gives wonderful cures in such cases. Gun powder 3x and Petroleum ointment was given topically. The skin regained health after four months.

      Fungal infections are challenging to the all systems of medicine even today. I came across a quiet number of cases on Tinea Versicolar and Tinea Cruris. I have used many remedies Sulphur, Sepia, Graphites, constitutionally and also used some specifics like tellurium, but I am not satisfied with the results except on few cases

      In my early days of my practice I used to seek help from Mother tinctures, Biochemics and local applications to give rapid relief to the patient, After some time I realized the line of treatment and after starting this Journal in 2004 and also after my post graduation studies specializing the Organon of Medicine philosophy.

      When I deeply involved with Organon of Medicine and Journalism, I understood that Hahnemann want to say something special in handling the cases, especially in chronic diseases. When he faced failures in treating chronic diseases, he probed the problem in deep and finally contributed his theory on chronic disease “The Chronic Diseases and their peculiar nature and their wonderful cures”. That is about 20 years of practice and twelve years of experiment. He insists to consider the miasms in treating every chronic case. He insists miasmatic prescribing in chronic disease. Most of the skin ailments are chronic in nature and we need to prescribe the medicine understanding the miasms to give wonderful cures.
Hahnemann in organon of Medicine Aphorism 78 says that the true chronic diseases arise from miasm and in aphorism no 5 while explaining the constitution of a person he says to discover the fundamental cause which is generally due to a chronic miasm and also stresses in Aphorism No 206

      In classification of Diseases, he classifies the fully developed chronic disease into Miasmatic and Non Miasmtic for better understanding of the chronicity and he understood well the chronic diseases are presented as Psora, Sycosios and Syphilis. He also know that the possibility of co existence of two or three miasms overlapping each other.

       Today the concept of miasm is without any conclusive insight; because many opinions that miasms are nothing but bacterias and viruses and some see the maisms as an altered state, predisposition, dyscrasia. Hahnemann perceives the organisms like viruses, bacteria, and parasites are responsible for introducing miasma in a body. The misinterpretation of bacteriophages in sycosis and syphilis, would have implemented the thought that miasms are purely microbiological which lead them to introduce the Aids miasm, leprosy miasm, tubercular miasm and so on.

      The post Hahnemanian Miasms, Tubercular miasm is nothing but Hahnemann’s Pseudo Psora. Dr.J.H Allen interpreted as different one and introduced Tubercular miasm and cancer miasm which was introduced by H.A. Roberts is mixed miasmatic state.

Homoeotimes organized a Clinical Meet on Skin Diseases “Derma 2011” at Chennai on 13th November 2011.

Dr.R.Gnanasambandam made his audio Visual presentation on Clinical Evidences on Skin Diseases

       To day after birth of Cellular pathology, surprisingly coincides with Hahnemanns pathology the Psora, Sycosis and Syphilitic. The disturbances can be explained in relation with miasms. Psora can be explained in terms of Sensitization of a cell, Sycotic Miasm can be explained in terms of Proliferation and Syphilitic miasm as Degeneration. More over the symptomatolgy of Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis can be corroborated to our surprise in all text books and guidelines in understanding miasms.

      Clinical interpretation of miasm has been a difficult task to everybody; a simple understanding of the miasm in relation with cellular pathology not only guides but also benefits the patient a lot. A homoeopath can interpret the miasm with the knowledge of physiopathology and also he can detect the miasmatic layers which are dormant and active to make his prescription.

      The inference is the miasms are nothing but the “Altered Manifestations of the Disease”. Hahnemann visualized miasm as a cloud hiding the sun. If we remove the block the diseases will be cured, as the mission of the physician deserves.
The Alterned manifestations derange the vital force to manifest the physical and mental symptoms to individualize the patient. Today we are seeing many serologically positive disease which gives indirect information as miasms are imprintinted protein. For example Chickgunya after its acute manifestions presents skin rashes or arthritis, which shows the C reactive protein high. A suitable similimum could cure the disease. That is why many serologically positive patients became negative after dynamic medicines.

      Applying these we can classify the clinical manifestations. For example if a patient complaints urticaria the manifestation is psoric , when it convert to dry eczema with cicatrisation it is Sycotic, a eczema with desquamation , bleeding and discolouration could be a syphilitic manifestion. Allergic Dermatitis that is with induration can be a pseudo psora.