January 2013|Volume 10|Issue 1
Jan 2013|Vol 10|Issue 1


Utility of mother tinctures
Wish you all Happy New Year!

Dear Readers,
       Homoeo Times wishes you a very happy New Year. May this year be full of enthusiasm in education, practice and mind-broadening experiences in knowledge. Homoeotimes successfully leaps 10th year of publication, growing with large number of subscribers today.

         We are quite satisfied with the feedback that Homoeotimes satisfies all areas of Homoeopathic fraternity, feeding with articles, Clinical experiences, Case studies with evidence based documents, updated information, latest news, focus and quiz programs.

      Every theme is quite appreciated by the readers and we received overwhelming response to the title “Clinical Utility of Mother Tinctures”. Even though the concept of cure purely relies on the power of potentisation, the use of mother tinctures are inevitable in our day to day practice. Of course we justify ourselves that they only a similimum and relied on any allopathic medicines.

      Here the articles, clinical experience will help to understand the clinical utility of mother tinctures. The articles on evidence based studies also give new reasoning in understanding the application.

      We invite the students to participate the Medi Quiz program to enrich their knowledge. The columns like college focus, pioneer, Web peep and news are continued as usual.

      We invite more case studies with evidence to break the false controversies on dilution and understanding on homoeopathy. We thank all readers, authors for immense support and assure you that we will continue our service and dedicate for the development of Homoeopathy

    Wish you happy New Year

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