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Dr. Sunil Anand
     A leading Homoeopathic Practitioner and teacher based in pune. His approach and simplicity makes him an internationally acclaimed teacher. His seminars and workshops have been widely attended both on India and abroad. His Recent Workshop for the Students and Doctors from South Africa was well received.

     Dr. Sunil Anand's contribution in the field of teaching homeopathy at an individual level at two prime medical colleges in Mumbai and Pune has helped shape his role as an endearing teacher. He joined as a junior lecturer and over a period of fifteen years of teaching and conducting lectures for under-graduates as well as postgraduates, has risen to the designation of an Associate Professor. He has conducted specialized out-patient departments in paediatrics at both institutes and has been a very popular teacher.

    He travels all over the world to conduct workshops, as well as see patients, gives him a definite edge in handling all kinds of cases with the required skill in prescribing and managing challenging cases.
He is artful in encouraging the family to pursue good quality homeopathic care while making them aware of the finer nuances of homeopathic management. He has a close working relationship with conventional doctors of all areas of specialty. Many of them consult him for treatment for themselves along with their families, as well as refer patients to him.

    He is starting a center along with his team in Pune combining the disciplines of both homeopathy and yoga. This would be operational from April 10th 2012. This will facilitate teaching and treating patients both the disciplines at a local, state and international level.

He can be contacted at

16 / 17, New Market Plaza,
Clover Village Phase 1,
Wanowri, Pune - 411040
Phomne:+91 20 40096405
Email: dranand.pune@gmail.com

- Dr. K.Savitha